TATA TMT Fe550D TMT Bars 20 mm
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TATA TMT Fe550D TMT Bars 20 mm

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  • Product Details

    Chemically Tested
    Physically Tested
    Bar Diameter
    20 mm
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    Key Features (from the manufacturer)

    Superior ductility
    Tata Tiscon rebars are manufactured in world’s best computerized rolling mills. Every parameter is continuously monitored to give you best quality products. Superior ductility rebars are better to work with on site, easy to bend and cut. Once used in structure, they also help absorb the energy through plastic deformation once the applied load is beyond the elastic zone. Such a feature helps during earthquake by preventing any brittle failure.
    Low Sulphur & Phosphorus
    Tata Tiscon rebars are made from steel made from virgin iron ore. Hence these are free from impurities. Further during manufacturing the steel is purified using best of intermediary processes. Lower impurity content gives it uniform properties across the length.