Tata Tiscon is a leading rebar brand offering superior ductility, seismic resistance, corrosion resistance, and compressive strength. They also offer superior cost-savings (5-15% in rebar requirements), while being manufactured from virgin iron ore. Buyers searching for the latest Tata Tiscon SD price list can raise a request for quotation seamlessly from within the Tata Tiscon product page. The best available Tata Tiscon price list 2021 can be found on BuildSupply.

Manufacturing processes of TATA Tiscon rebars

TATA Tiscon rebars are manufactured in automated plants that are cooled using the Tempcore TMT online quenching process. To enhance ductility, the bars are designed with complete control over carbon, sulphur, phosphorous, and other alloying elements. This boosts their stress absorption and elongation capabilities, giving them the ability to handle greater load pressure. The highly controlled testing and quality analysis protocols also ensure uniform ridges and parallel ribs to reduce the risk of cracking or deterioration.

Technical properties of TATA Tiscon

YS Min. MPa is 500
YS Max. MPa is 650
UTS Max. is 30% Higher than YS
UTS/YS Min. is 1.15
% Total Elongation is 16.0 min
Available range lies between 8mm and 40mm

Key benefits delivered to buyers

Tata Tiscon delivers the following key benefits to buyers

  • Superior Ductility - Tata Tiscon SD bars are designed to offer superior protection against seismic activity (particularly, zones 3, 4, 5).
  • Higher elasticity - Tata Tiscon bars offer greater elasticity, widening their applications across different projects. .
  • Uniform bonding - Owing to the higher quality manufacturing practices, Tata Tiscon ensures uniform bonding for better reinforcement.
  • Better seismic resistance - The TMT bars are more resilient to seismic activity, ensuring superior protection against earthquakes.
  • Higher energy absorption - Tata Tiscon has a higher ability to absorb stresses without significant damage or cracking.

Tata Tiscon bar dimensions available

BuildSupply offers different TMT bar diameters, to ensure that buyers acquire the right Tata Tiscon bar at the right price. The following dimensions are available for Tata Tiscon grades Fe 500D & Fe 550D -

  • 8 mm
  • 10 mm
  • 12mm
  • 16mm
  • 20mm
  • 25mm
  • 28mm
  • 32mm
  • 36mm

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Checkout Tata tiscon price list 2021

Products Prices starting from
Tata tmt bar 12mm price Rs.51000/MT
Tata tiscon 8mm price Rs.54000/MT
Tata tiscon 10mm price Rs.52500/MT