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Somany Precious Step Tiles Art ST Lavigato Tosco Nero 3 196x1200 mm

Payment Terms

  • 100% advance payment along with PO
  • Logistics charges to be borne by supplier
  • Unloading the material to be the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Product Details

    Resistance to Abrasion
    Class V
    ± 0.10%
    Resistance to Household Cleaners and Swimming Pool Salts
    Min Class AA
    196 x 1200 mm
    Thermal Shock Resistance
    10 Cycle Passed
    Surface Flatness (Center Curvature)
    ± 0.20%
    Type of Material
    Crazing Resistance
    4 Cycle Passed
    Surface Flatness (Edge Curvature)
    ± 0.20%

    Key Features (from the manufacturer)

    The aspiration to create an abode, where every moment is picturesque, carved in the sands of time; Somany's aspirational range of "Tesoro" is an absolute treasure enlightening our lives. Tesoro is an epitome of relationship between nature and human endeavor.

    As the name "Tesoro" denotes itself as "treasure" from the nature, therefore, inspiration and commitment towards the nature has been a core essence of its foundation. The existing range of "Duragres" vitrified tiles has garnerned its strong and successful foothold amongst its target audience and taking the legacy forward, Tesoro promises to deliver longer durability as a tile maintains uniform front and back color that makes any kind of chipping, wear and tear unerring. Thus making its durability as strength of this range.

    This quaint range of tiles with perennial durability will captivate the niche market of architects, influencers and end customers.

    Each range of Tesoro tiles is a piece of art to adorn one's home, available in the sizes of 600*600 mm and 600*1200 mm, This extensive range has been further classifies as- Metal, Stone, Wood, Marble & Rocker and Glossy finish. Each range under Tesoro has been classified to further enhance the natural outlook of the interiors with true natural products being bestowed upon by nature.