Shri Rathi TMT bars are high-strength and durable sarias designed to be used extensively across all applications. A Shri Rathi saria can be procured in Fe 500, 550, and 600 grades, making the manufacturer highly diversified in its product portfolio. Its Fe 600 TMT bar can lower overall steel used by 20%, while also requiring lesser manpower for fabrication and fewer trucks to ensure effective delivery. Buyers can find the best Eurotherm Shri Rathi saria price today, by raising an RFQ on BuildSupply.

Manufacturing processes of Shri Rathi TMT bars

Shri Rathi was one of the first producers of TOR steel in India, while also being one of the initial manufacturers to set up automatic rolling mills. Through 75+ years of experience, Shri Rathi focuses on stringent quality controls during its production processes, ensuring that the raw materials are acquired of higher quality. That is why it has received a quality certification from Centre De Recherches Metallurgiques, Belgium (TEMPCORE), for its superior manufacturing. It is also certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as per IS: 1786/1985 and complies with ISO 9001 as well.

Technical properties of Shri Rathi 500 D

Yield Stress Min. is MPa 570
Tensile strength MPa is 610
% Total Elongation is Min. 14.5
Carbon max is 0.25 %

Key benefits delivered to buyers

Shri Rathi TMT bars deliver the following key benefits to buyers

  • Higher bond strength - A Shri Rathi saria provides exceptional bond strength for quality construction.
  • Better tensile strength - Its higher quality makes, a Shri Rathi TMT bar more tensile than market alternatives.
  • Exceptional weldability - Shri Rathi TMT bars are more weldable, bendable, and ductile than other brands, making them the ideal choice for all construction works.
  • Better seismic resistance - The TMT bars are more resilient to seismic activity, ensuring superior protection against earthquakes.
  • Customized specifications - Buyers can ask for made-to-order sarias of up to 23 mt. in length for customized works.

Shri Rathi TMT bar dimensions available

BuildSupply offers different TMT bar diameters, to ensure that buyers acquire the right Shri Rathi bar at the right price. The following dimensions are available for Shri Rathi grades Fe 500D, Fe 550D, & Fe 600 -

  • 8 mm
  • 10 mm
  • 12mm
  • 16mm
  • 20mm
  • 25mm
  • 28mm
  • 32mm
  • 36mm

Get the best Shri Rathi TMT price at BuildSupply

BuildSupply is a market-oriented construction procurement platform, enabling buyers to leverage the best Rathi saria price today . Buyers can benefit from transparent payment terms, streamlined order tracking, and credit availability, along with sourcing at the right Rathi saria price on BuildSupply. Buyers can also access the latest Rathi Saria price today 8mm to 36mm diameters and compare options within the brand for best buying options. All technical details are highlighted within product pages to understand the advantages offered by opting for a Shri Rathi TMT bar. For highly specific queries, such as the best Rathi saria price today 10mm, Rathi saria price today 12mm, etc. BuildSupply offers a streamlined RFQ solution for easy access to the updated rathi saria price today.
Checkout Rathi saria price list 2021

Products Prices starting from
Rathi TMT 12mm 46350/MT
Rathi TMT 8mm 49350/MT
Rathi TMT 16mm 48350/MT
Rathi TMT 10mm 47350/MT