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Be it for small houses or large industries, electrical products are essential for any construction project in India. Established in 1836, Schneider Electric Is a global leader in electric products ranging from circuit breakers, switchgear to distribution boards.

Ranked as the leading electrical brand in India, Schneider electrical products are now available for your home or office use – along with free delivery and installation.

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We offer the following Schneider products on our website:

  • Schneider switches

    Electric switches are an essential part of any electric circuit in your home or office. Schneider switches are designed with a great style and are built for long life and safety. Replace your traditional home/ office switches with these modern designer switches available in various colours and aesthetics.
    Browse through the entire collection of Schneider switches on BuildSupply – and choose the ones that suit your electric needs and costs.

  • Schneider switchgear

    Every residential or commercial premise requires a smooth and uninterrupted electricity flow for its machinery’s proper functioning or connected appliances. Switchgears are essential for regulating and stabilising the flow of electricity and preventing any power fluctuations.

    Schneider Electric has a range of switch-gears that can operate between 3kV to up to 36kV of power supply. Go through the complete list of Schneider switchgear products and find the one best suited for your residential or commercial application.

  • Schneider MCB and MCCB

    Short for Miniature Circuit Breaker, an MCB is an electric device used to protect an electric circuit from overcurrent or power overload. MCBs are commonly installed in both residential and industrial premises.

    Short for Molded Case Circuit Breaker, MCCBs perform the function of an MCB and, additionally, can be used to switch between multiple circuits. While the interrupt rating of an MCB is around 1800A, MCCBs operate at a higher interrupt rating of 10,000 to 200,000A.

    Schneider Electric has its Easy9 brand of MCBs and MCCBs that use a combination of electronic and thermal-magnetic technologies to protect electric circuits from short circuits and power overloads.

    For the best buy on BuildSupply, make sure you view every Schneider MCCB and MCB product’s technical specifications before choosing the one with the best Schneider MCB price.

  • Schneider Distribution Boards

    If you look at any large electrical installation in either residential or industrial premise, you can find distribution boards with the main cable bringing in the required power. An efficient distributed board then efficiently distributes the incoming power to the secondary circuits.

    With its Acti9 brand, Schneider has a range of safe and modern distribution boards built for long life on any premise. Thanks to its innovative technologies, the Schneider distribution board is designed to provide a smooth flow of electricity and augment your home or facility interiors’ overall look.

    For the best buy, browse Schneider distribution boards’ entire range on the BuildSupply site before making the right choice.

  • Schneider RCCB

    Short for Residual Current Circuit Breaker, the RCCB is another type of circuit breaker that is the safest way of detecting and tripping against any electric current leakages. Primarily RCCBs are used along with an MCB.

    With its long-lasting durability, Schneider RCCB is a good buy for your home and office environment. With a circuit breaking capacity of up to 125A, Schneider RCCB products are available with different specifications to meet varying needs.

    BuildSupply offers the best quality of Schneider RCCBs to its online users. Check out the complete Schneider RCCB price list and design specifications that can meet your safety needs.

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Schneider electric products Prices starting from
Schneider switches price Rs. 250 per pc
Schneider mcb price Rs.130 per pc
Schneider distribution board price Rs. 775 per pc
Schneider rccb price RS. 1440 per pc