RMC M25 - Mix 1
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RMC M25 - Mix 1

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Cement (Kg):
CA 20mm (Kg):
CA 10mm (Kg):
Fly Ash (Kg):
Sand (Kg):
Admixture (Kg):
Water (Ltr):
M 25

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Key Features (from the manufacturer)

RMC produced from fully automated batching plants guarantees quality since:
  • The raw materials are subject to stringent quality and quantity measures.
  • The concrete is subject to quality control throughout the manufacturing and delivery process.

  • Diversity of solutions
    A wide variety of ready mixed concrete can be produced, with ease and on demand, by varying the proportions/combinations of the cement, aggregates and admixtures.

    Ready mixed concrete provides customers with unique service quality due to:
  • the availability of a large number of concrete mixer trucks which enable delivery rates to be kept under control.
  • supply of special services for difficult worksites like pumps, conveyors, etc.
  • the ability to adapt the pace of deliveries to the customer's needs.

  • Cost-effectiveness
    Ready mixed concrete is more cost effective because:
  • Basic materials are now not stored on site and this reduces the need for storage space.
  • Plant and machinery for mixing concrete are not required.
  • Wastage of basic materials is avoided.
  • Labor associated with production of concrete is reduced.
  • Time required for the entire process is greatly reduced.

  • Lower Pollution
    The use of RMC reduces air pollution in and around the worksite as the mixing is done at the plant.
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