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MYK Arment ArmGrout Inject PU4

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ArmGrout Inject PU4 is a solvent-free thin liquid, two_x005F_x0002_component polyurethane resin. It is slow-reacting and hardens to a non-foaming, non-rigid, pore-free material which slightly foams when put into contact with water. It bonds to a dry, moist surface and offers an excellent adhesion and tear resistance. It resists low temperatures without causing embrittlement.Advantages:It is used for the close, waterproofing and elastic connection of cracks, joints and cavities in construction made of concrete, natural stone or bricks. ArmGrout Inject PU4 is suitable for the waterproofing of car parks, concrete tanks, tunnel linings, construction joints, furthermore, for the waterproofing injection using injection hoses, ArmGrout Inject CJ1 and ArmGrout Inject-CJ2 in concreting joints. Due to its mix ratio of 1:1 parts by volume ArmGrout Inject-P4 is perfectly suited for the injection with the two-component pump. ArmGrout Inject can be injected via packers or embedded injection hoses ArmGrout Injec-CJ1 and ArmGrout Injec-CJ2.