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MYK Arment ArmGrout Inject PU1

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Area of Application
€¢ ArmGrout Inject Pu1 is used for the injection of water_x005F_x0002_bearing cracks and joints in concrete and stone.€¢ ArmGrout Inject Pu1 is used for Stoppage of water inflows from cracks, joints, etc. compacting of loose stones. €¢ ArmGrout Inject Pu1 meets the requirements of the DfBT leaflet €œBewertung der Auswirkungen von Bauprodukten auf Betonund Grundwasser (evaluation of the effect of construction products on concrete and ground water)€ dated November 2000.
5.5 kg

Key Features (from the manufacturer)

ArmGrout Inject PU1 is ready to use highly reactive, one component polyurethane based modified isocyanate injection resin.Advantages:• ArmGrout Inject PU1 foams by high increase in volume in contact with water and becomes a viscoelastic firm foam, which seals temporarily against further water penetration. • It is resistant against acids and lyes. In case of very dry surfaces the material does not foam immediately but it hardens slowly