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MYK Arment ArmGrout EPBG

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Product Details

ArmGrout EPBG is supplied in 6 kg (Approx 3.4 Litre Volume) packs containing base and hardener
Area of Application
An epoxy grout for use in situations where heavy dynamic or cyclic loads are encountered. The gap between a base plate and substrate will need to be filled in situations such as reciprocating machinery, testing equipment, crane rail and transporter rails, high speed turbines, bridge bearings, centrifuges and drop

Key Features (from the manufacturer)

ArmGrout EPBG is a two part, prepacked and prebatched thixotropic grout material which is particularly suitable for heavy load bearing situations.Advantages• Low creep characteristics under sustained loading • Better dynamic Load Response • Non-shrink and hence ensures complete surface contact and bond • High compressive, tensile and flexural Strength • Fast, convenient installation with early strength • Withstands a wide range of chemicals • Suitable for narrow gaps of 3 to 50 mm