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MYK Arment AquaArm IC

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Area of Application
AquaArm IC may be used on all new or old structurally sound concrete surfaces. It is also suitable for concrete masonry or as a dry shake on fresh concrete slabs. €¢ Elevators pits €¢ Waste water treatment plants €¢ Potable water tanks €¢ Below grade waterproofing
25 kg

Key Features (from the manufacturer)

AquaArm IC is an unique single-component, penetrative crystalline waterproofing system, which reacts to form crystals. The waterproofing properties stay intact, even if the coating is partially removed or small hairline cracks develop after the application. Advantages: • Easy to apply coating • Ideal for potable water (no degradable organic ingredients) • Low consumption / economical • Fast setting and hardening • Self healing (cracks up to 0.4 mm 1/64”) • Waterproofing properties stay intact, even if the coating gets damaged • Minimal discoloration.