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MYK Arment AquaArm Admix

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Area of Application
€¢ Precast structures €¢ Foundations €¢ Concrete slabs €¢ Dams
20 kg & 200 kg drums

Key Features (from the manufacturer)

AquaArm Admix is the world’s first liquid crystalline waterproofing concrete admixture. AquaArm Admix pro is our latest development, based on the same technology, it also provides the added advantage of plasticising / water reduction properties. AquaArm Admix Pro complies with EN 934-2. We recommend the use of AquaArm Admix or AquaArm Admix Pro in a wide variety of new concrete projects. Advantages:• Easy to use • Extremely cost effective • Significantly reduces labour and time costs • Self healing of static cracks up to 1/64” – 0.4 mm • Increases concrete strength and freeze/thaw resistance • Negligible air entrainment • Compatible with most plasticizers and water reducers • Forms a permanent and integral part of the concrete matrix • No need for additional waterproof coatings • Environmentally safe; Zero VOC • Treated concrete withstands high hydrostatic pressures