Kedaar Fe500D TMT Bars 12 mm
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Kedaar Fe500D TMT Bars 12 mm

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    Chemically Tested
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    Bar Diameter
    12 mm
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    Key Features (from the manufacturer)

    Kedaar Steel TMT bars are available in the following sizes at the retail / distributor network across northern India : 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm 25mm, and 32 mm
    Kedaar Steel TMT bars are available for all reinforcement applications ranging from small individual houses to large residential and infrastructure projects.
    Unique Rib Pattern
    Kedaar Steel TMT bars have precise, uniform and parallel rib pattern engraved through computer controlled notch making machines, which results in excellent bond strength with concrete. Ordinary manually made ribs will always leave the scope for non-uniform and weaker bonding throughout the structure

    Earthquale Resistance
    Kedaar Steel TMT bars offer a far greater resistance to any seismic pressure when compared to ordinary bars. Kedaar Steel TMT bars are proven to have higher resistance to cyclic loading conditions and are recommended in earthquake prone areas due to their superior seismic resistant properties

    Superior Weldability
    Low levels of carbon ensure easier and faster welding without preheating. This means stronger and safer weld joints & reduction in wastage during welding at site

    Kedaar Steel TMT Bar has unique bend and re-bend features. Due to the highly controlled process that ensures a microstructure with a soft (ferrite and pearlite) core, Kedaar Steel TMT Bar has excellent bendability. This gives added advantage to the user during construction

    Corrosion Resistance
    Kedaar Steel TMT bars are produced by Thermo Mechanical treatment and not by cold twisting. Therefore there are no tensional residual stresses in the bar which results in superior corrosion resistance characteristics compared traditional cold twisted bars

    Fire Resistance
    Kedaar Steel TMT bars have high thermal stability