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In construction projects, safety equipment is of primary importance to any site personnel or engineer. At any construction or renovation site, workers must wear personal protective equipment, also known as PPE. Along with visible safety vests or jackets, site employees need to wear a hard helmet and glasses to protect themselves from falling objects, head injuries, and harmful dust particles.

Among the leading manufacturers of PPE in India, Karam is a well-established company that provides a range of safety equipment, including safety helmets, safety goggles, shoes, and safety jackets. Renowned for their reliability and performance, Karam safety products are manufactured in India and can protect your construction personnel from accidental falls, dust particles, loud noises, and other occupational hazards.

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On the BuildSupply platform, you can buy a range of Karam safety gear designed to perform at any hazardous construction site. BuildSupply offers various types of Karam safety products according to your specific requirements and needs. On BuildSupply’s website, you are assured of the best Karam online products at affordable prices with instant delivery.

Leading Karam Safety Equipment that You can Choose from on BuildSupply.

  • Safety helmets

    Safety helmets are a necessary protective gear in most construction sites and enclosures with limited headspace. Karam safety helmets are designed to provide maximum protection from any head injuries and are comfortable to wear for long periods. These safety helmets are equipped with sweat absorbents, a six-point cradle for reducing impact, and triple corrugation for increased impact resistance. On BuildSupply, you can choose from a range of affordable Karam safety helmets. Karam helmet price range from Rs. 162/- up to Rs. 286/-. Browse through the complete range of safety helmets before choosing the one that fits your safety requirements.

  • Safety shoes

    Safety shoes are essential for construction site workers to prevent any foot injuries when working on construction sites. Foot injuries are caused by multiple reasons, including sudden slips, hot machinery or equipment, electric wires, and even falling objects. Karam safety shoes are manufactured to the best safety standards in India to prevent foot injuries. From Karam, you can choose a range of safety shoes, including premium leather shoes and ankle height shoes that are comfortable to wear throughout the entire day. Browse through the entire collection of Karam safety shoes on BuildSupply before making the right selection. Karam safety shoes price on BuildSupply range from around Rs. 1,500/- up to Rs. 2,700/-.

  • Safety goggles

    Most construction sites are known to cause eye injuries either due to continuous exposure to dust, welding work, electrical works, or chemical splashes. Safety goggles work as protective eye gear for your construction personnel who work through the day at heavy construction sites. Karam safety goggles are best equipped to prevent any such eye injuries. Conforming to all safety standards, Karam safety goggles are designed to provide maximum comfort and safety in any industrial or construction premise. These safety glasses are fitted with features such as an anti-fog lens, frameless eyewear, chemical splash protection, and more. Depending on your safety needs, browse and select the Karam safety goggles on BuildSupply. BuildSupply offers Karam safety goggles price from as low as Rs. 42/- up to Rs. 450/-.

  • Fall arrester

    Protecting your construction workers from falling from heights is an essential part of keeping them safe at construction sites. Workers can fall from elevated positions like overhead platforms or erections, high workplaces, or heights inside a confined space. Karam offers the best fall protection systems, including fall arresters, safety belts, and full-body harnesses. Karam fall arrester is designed as personal fall protection equipment that prevents collision with the ground or hard surfaces when working at elevated heights. Similarly, the Karam full body harness is designed for a range of industrial applications and site situations. Comfortable to wear, these full body harnesses are durable and ergonomically designed for most body weights. The Karam safety belt is designed to support body positions when working at heights while keeping both hands free for work. BuildSupply offers a range of Karam fall arrestors, safety belts, and full body harnesses that are affordable and suited for a range of applications. Browse through our entire offering before selecting the one that suits your safety needs and budget.

  • Face shields

    Also known as face masks, face shields are designed to protect the entire face of construction personnel from construction-related hazards like chemical splashes, flying debris, welding sparks, and heat. Face shields are an additional layer of protection that can be used along with the safety goggles. Karam offers a variety of face shields that can be used for a range of construction-related activities. Some of the best Karam face shields include face visors that can be mounted on any safety helmet and welding shields that are designed specifically for welding workers. On BuildSupply, check the entire range of Karam face shields that are reliable to use and affordable to buy.

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