Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is BuildSupply ?

An end to end workflow management system for the real estate and construction industry that uses a comprehensive database of line items to plan and execute an efficient project cycle. It is India’s most advanced real estate ERP solution.

Q: Why should I sign up with BuildSupply ?

Buildsupply will help you in a planned execution of projects by introducing standardization and transparency in your entire process. It will not only help you save cost but also bring standardization to your current process. Other benefits that you will enjoy are real time custom reports, operational efficiency and universal access eliminating potential delays.

Q: Can I get a demo of the product ?

Of Course! You can request to have a free demo of the BuildSupply platform by clicking on the Request Demo button and by simply entering your contact information. One of our dedicated product consultants will get in touch with you to schedule the same.

Q: What are the key benefits of a ERP system for the Real Estate and construction industry ?

1. Data Assimilation

In construction project management, there are a number of forces simultaneously at play, which are required to be utilised in various work streams from time to time. The ERP software combines various processes into a single system. It provides dynamic analysis of operational and financial data, giving more accurate and precisely calculated information in real-time. By using this data effectively, companies can track simultaneous operations and report and manage deficiencies across all departments.

2. Planning and Analysis

We have seen that lack of proper planning often leads to unseemly completion of projects and the failure of many well-known organisations. Enterprises also incur heavy losses in the form of labour costs and loss of clientele due to untimely completion of targets. With accurate analysis of raw materials required, effective utilisation of manpower, construction design and contract management, one can channelize resources properly and facilitate successful completion of projects.

3. Compatibility and Sharing

Using different software solutions for multiple operations leads to an inefficient exchange of information among departments. An ERP for real estate & construction industry helps in managing and compiling data for multiple projects thus, allowing smooth exchange of information within different departments of the organisation and effective construction resource planning.

4. Increased System Efficiency

A centralised system helps increase efficiency by providing an overall view of the scenario prior to making decisions. Whenever employees are required to correlate information from different sources, an ERP solution assists in extracting data and providing relevant criteria that need compliance prior to closing a query. Without having an efficient ERP solution in place, the interdepartmental transfer and correlation of these reports, combined with back and forth changes as well as real-time monitoring of the entire process would be nearly impossible.

5. Construction Time and Cost Estimation

An ERP can be used to determine an accurate estimation, so that the actual cost does not deviate much from the projected cost of the undertaking. As real estate & construction projects take a couple of years to complete, the ERP software helps in construction cost management by giving accurate estimation, keeping in mind the future liabilities.

6. Effective Communication

For better management of operations, it is necessary for effective communication channels to exist between employees. An ERP is equipped with in-built chat forums and video communication capabilities to provide the perfect platform for executives to communicate internally, irrespective of the location of where the work is being carried out.

Q: Do I need to purchase licenses for all my users ?

BuildSupply is a project based subscription model, you can have as many number of users as you wish to have within a project at no additional costs.

Q: How many projects can i start implementing at one time ?

The system is flexible, and efficient & it allows you to implement any number of projects you want at one time.

Q: How are third party systems integrated ?

The BuildSupply application is flexible to integrate with any third-party software.

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