ElectroSteel Fe550D TMT Bars 20 mm
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ElectroSteel Fe550D TMT Bars 20 mm

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    Chemically Tested
    Physically Tested
    Bar Diameter
    20 mm
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    Key Features (from the manufacturer)

    V-Xega TMT bars are produced in Fe550D, CRS variety as per IS 1786/2008 grade. Carbon & Carbon Equivalent levels are kept to a lower level than as specified in the standards to attain better properties
    V-Xega TMT Bars much tougher than conventional CTD Bars

    More strength with higher elongation is one of the unique features V-Xega TMT bars which makes a Concrete structure not only sound but safe also

    Due to the low carbon content of V-Xega TMT bars achieved good weld ability for any type of welding process & there are no effects on Mechanical properties

    Bend properties
    Due to higher elongation of V-Xega TMT bar gives better bend/re-bend properties which makes it not only easy to work but safe in hazardous situations