Post Award Controls In Construction Projects

Effective construction project management aims at ensuring completion of the project within the desired time and budget. Post Award stage in construction is all about monitoring the project’s success and making necessary adjustments to prevent project failure. Two important aspects of post award are material management and daily progress updates.

With material and store management module you can create detailed plans for material procurement to improve planning and scheduling and ensure that enough inventory is available at the right time. You can also manage all free issue and base rate materials right from raising a requisition to maintaining their inventory details.

Invoicing and daily progress helps keep track of your construction project progress in real-time by reactively measuring key performance indicators like earned value analysis, schedule variance, cost variance, risk and mitigation etc.


Purchase order
Create purchase orders through the system to award the contract by laying down all the necessary terms and conditions.
Daily Progress Records
Record daily physical as well as financial work progress across various awarded work packages.
Collaborative Invoicing
Collaborative invoicing cycle on the platform from raising invoice, certifying and payments associated with each work order.
Invoice Abstract
Raise & certify invoice abstracts using ‘This Bill’ or ‘Cumulative Bill’ abstract methods enabled with capturing SAC codes, base rate variations, quantity variations at line item level.
Memorandum of Payment
Adjust value of work done with contractual & statutory deductions, recoveries, adjustments, rebates, withholds & hold releases to arrive at net payables.
Bill Checklist
Receive & record detail documentation associated with invoices on the platform.
Project KPI
Key project performance indicators like, earned value analysis, schedule variance, cost variance, cash flow etc. can be monitored through reports generating capabilities of the platform.
Global Plan Module
The global plan functionality on the platform allows you to manage multiple projects simultaneously and track their progress in real-time including the collective procurement for multiple projects.
Administration Module
Have complete data control with custom roles and permissions to ensure that only the intended audience gets to access relevant data.
User management
Create access for users across projects and manage them.
Activity Log
The platform maintains a complete audit trail of all the activities performed by each of the users in the detailed activity Log.
System generated bill of materials (BOM) as per the BOQ along with quantities for effective procurement for one or multiple projects combined.
Material indents can be raised in the system as per the requirement at site.
Create RFQ’s for Material Purchase through the system and get a detailed comparison statement of quotations submitted by the participating vendors.
Register receipt of stock and maintain inventory details available at the project stores.
Material Management
Create detailed plans for material procurement to improve planning and scheduling and ensure that enough inventory is available at the right time with material management.

Importance Of Post Award Controls During Project Execution

  • Plan the resources as per your time schedule.

  • Automated platform right from raising indents, to floating RFQs, managing stores and aggregating demand.

  • Link your site progress to material consumption in order to provide trends.

  • Automate your base rate material and free issue material reconciliation.

  • Update executed quantities to calculate physical progress using daily progress module.

  • Better change and control management.

  • Link all your invoice numbers to budget numbers thereby tying the whole loop together.

Benefits Of A Cloud Based ERP With Post Award Controls

Effective material management

Plan and schedule all your inventory requirements to take complete control of your real estate project.

Real-time tracking

Real-time reporting capabilities to track and monitor your projects effectively.

Collaborative SaaS platform

All the project information captured on one platform enabling creation of MIS reports at the click of a button.

Variety of summary and review reports

Gain intelligence on projects KPIs along with a complete control of your construction process.

Audit trail of all activities

Maintain a backtrack of all your process and activities and tie it back to a single source of truth.

Multi-level roles and permissions

Manage access controls to ensure data access to intended audience only.