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Cera Elegance Floor Tiles Avarco Crema 800 x 800 mm

Payment Terms

  • 100% advance payment along with PO
  • Logistics charges to be borne by supplier
  • Unloading the material to be the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Product Details

    Coverage Area (Sq.Mts.)
    Resistance to household cleaners and swimming pool salts
    Class AA
    Modulus of Rupture
    >40 N/m2
    Deviation in Length & Width
    800 x 800 mm
    Resistance to Deep Abrasion
    175mm3 max
    Deviation inThickness
    Type of Material
    Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles
    Thermal Shock Resistance
    Min 10 Cycles
    Straightness of Sides

    Key Features (from the manufacturer)

    Art is truly brought to life when its gets the canvas it deserves. Now, picture a canvas that unleashes the truest potential of art and design. The kind that helps design stops toeing the line of ordinary and leaps into the realm of extraordinary. and strut all the way into being called a masterpiece. That in a few words is the Cera GVT- a colllection that could be a thing of a wonder.

    Built with the latest in technology it recreates the charm of exotic marbles, stones, woods and even concerete tectures in six distinct sizes. It's built with negating the flaws of natural marble at its very core. Tou could think of it as a surface inspired by natural marble, but that which even exceeds the expectations and performance of its muse.

    In all its royalty and grandeur it offers functionality like none other. The cera GVT Collection offers a choice og 6 different sizes. The range exhibits unlimited designs options spread over different themes. All of which help you express your discerning taste in as many different ways. Cera GVT opens up a whole new world of possibililties in the world of architecture, making it ideal for both, Flooring and wall cladding.