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One of the most widely used construction materials, TMT Bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars provide the much-needed sturdiness to the concrete building structure and enhance its longevity. Specifically manufactured using Thermo-Mechanical treatment that involves passing the rolled steel wires into a Tempocore water cooling system to toughen the outer steel core leaving the inner core soft, TMT bars are best suited for residential construction projects, multi-storeyed buildings, bridges and all kinds of other engineering projects.

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Choose from wide range of TMT bars manufacturers and suppliers

The top TMT bars manufacturers and TMT bars suppliers in India offer you a range of TMT bars that come with properties like high strength, high elongation, enhanced bendability, corrosion-resistance, better weldability, etc. Buyers can browse through the offerings provided by the leading TMT bars manufacturers and TMT bars suppliers and directly place their orders at BuildSupply.

One can also sift through the best TMT bars dealers at BuildSupply including JSW TMT steel dealers, SAIL TMT bar dealers, etc. Sail tmt bars , JSW TMT BARS for bulk purchase as per their niche construction requirements.

Choose amongst the best quality TMT bars from the top TMT brands & check out prices for - Amba Shakti TMT bars price, ElectroSteel TMT bars price, Gallantt TMT bars price , Jindal TMT bars price, JSW TMT bars price, Jyoti TMT bars price, Kedaar TMT bars pcie, Petropol TMT bars price, SAIL TMT bars price, Shri Rathi TMT bars price Shrishtii TMT bars price, Shyam Steel TMT bars price, TATATMT bars price etc. at BuildSupply and offer unmatchable strength, durability and longevity to your upcoming construction project.

Finding the right TMT Bars and TMT bars manufacturers for your project

While every TMT bars manufacturer and TMT bars supplier provide you with an extensive portfolio, it`s important to find the right TMT bars at themost affordable prices.

At BuildSupply, you can leaf through an array of the best TMT bars manufacturers in India along with their products categories differentiated by specific bar diameters such as 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm, 36 mm etc. and distinctive grades including CRS Fe500D, Fe 500, Fe 500D, Fe500 CRS, Fe500D, Fe500S, Fe550D and Fe600.

Buyers can also procure varied types of steel TMT bars from multiple brands at our single, integrated platform. This makes the process of raw material acquisition streamlined, as price lists and specifications are listed transparently. Also, since leading TMT bars manufacturers have provided information on region-specific constructions and how their TMT steel bars can perform in crucial conditions , buyers can further enhance their knowledge that, in turn, augments their online TMT purchase experience.

Check out TMT bars price & saria price online starting @ Rs. 37,500/MT

One of the most important aspects of TMT bars procurement is their price range, At BuildSupply, you can discover the best TMT bars prices and Saria prices online by simply raising a `Request for Quotation`. You can also learn more about the brand-wise TMT bars prices including TATA TMT bars price, TATA Tiscon price, JSW Steel rates, Kamdhenu saria price, Jindal Panther 550d price, Kamdhenu TMT price, SAIL TMT bars price, JSW TMT prices, Shyam steel prices etc.

TMT bars price list from leading tmt manufacturers in India

S.No. Products Prices starting from
1 Amba shakti tmt price Rs.35500/MT
2 Jindal panther tmt price Rs.37000/MT
3 Sail tmt price Rs.41000/MT
5 Shyam steel price Rs.38000/MT
4 Rathi saria price Rs.36500/MT

Prices are subject to change on a daily basis*