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You may have seen fiber cement boards, and the chances are that you didnt even recognize them. They are the quintessential example of One material, multiple applications in the construction sector, providing function and aesthetics. They are available in various sizes to begin with, and can even be cut and shaped into a desired shape easily.

These boards provide an alternative to asbestos-free cement-based reinforced building materials. You can use fiber cement boards, of various types, made by various fiber cement panel manufacturers for internal as well as external applications, for commercial as well as personal construction. You can use cement board panels for many applications like exterior cladding for the structure, false ceilings, internal and external lining, creating partition walls, and flooring in construction.

Composition of fiber cement boards

Fiber boards are made up of cement, synthetic fibers, pulp, and water. Fiber cement panel manufacturers produce the boards using the Hatschek process, which involves repulping unbleached cellulose fibers in water. The fibers are then refined before mixing cement, silica, and other additives. This mixture is then vacuum, dewatered, cured to form a cement board.

The materials used make the boards elastic-like wood, yet firm, and durable like cement, making the structure look gorgeous and aesthetic and are ready-to-use. However, the most significant advantage of cement board panels is that they are easy to install, ensuring speedy construction, which will lead to additional benefits, like reduced project costs.

Advantages of Fiber Cement Boards in Construction

Fiber cement boards offer advanced dry construction solutions and can be used with various frameworks, including steel and wood. If you are looking for an easy installation and low-maintenance solution fiber cement boards are your best bet. Here are some advantages of choosing cement board panels:

  • Impact-resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Highly Durable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Insect-resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Appealing appearance

Fiber cement boards are also highly cost-effective when compared with their alternatives. Depending upon the board size, the fiber cement board price can range from INR 1000 to over INR 3000, per panel. These boards, produced by some of the leading fiber cement panel manufacturers in the country, can be easily purchased from BuildSupply - Indias leading online platform for buying construction materials.

Applications of Fiber Cement Boards

You can use fiber cement boards for a wide variety of construction purposes that can enhance the appearance of the structure without compromising its integrity and durability. Some common applications of fiber cement boardsinclude:

  • Creating internal and external walls of the structure
  • Installing false ceilings
  • Flooring substrate
  • Duct coverings

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S.No. Fiber cement board price Starting price
1 SCG Smartboard 4’ X 8’ 6mm thk INR 983.25
2 SCG Smartboard 4’ X 8’ 8mm thk INR 1305.25
3 SCG Smartboard 4’ X 8’ 9mm thk INR 1466.25
4 SCG Smartboard 4’ X 8’ 10mm thk INR 1627.25
5 SCG Smartboard 4’ X 8’ 12mm thk INR 1955.00
4 SCG Smartboard 4’ X 8’ 16mm thk INR 2604.75
4 SCG Smartboard 4’ X 8’ 18mm thk INR 2932.50