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Construction chemicals are key formulations used in a variety of construction materials, including cement and concrete, to provide strength and durability. They are used in both industrial or residential projects.

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Choose from a Wide Range of Construction Chemicals from India's Top Manufacturers and Suppliers

On BuildSupply, you can choose from the best construction chemicals produced by India's leading manufacturers - and experience a smooth online buying experience.

No matter what your requirement is, we offer a variety of construction chemicals to browse through and select from:

  • Waterproofing chemicals
    Waterproofing chemicals are typically used in building repairs, fixing tiles, preventing bathroom leakages, along with a host of other applications. Waterproofing is the process of imparting water-resistant qualities to any construction structure or used material in such a way that they remain unaffected by any water leakages or seeps under any conditions.
    Build Supply sources all products from the best waterproofing chemicals manufacturers in India. Our waterproofing chemicals are composed of the best water-resistant ingredients and are built for long life, strength, and efficiency.
    Browse through our entire range of waterproofing chemicals and choose the best one for your requirements.
  • Construction adhesives
    Construction adhesives are used for fixing different types of tiles in home and industrial premises. On a general basis, construction adhesives are used for attaching any molding or fixture to a variety of walls, ceilings, and floors.
    With an excellent hard bonding quality, construction adhesives from BuildSupply offer superior quality and increase the durability of tiles and other building materials.
    Browse through our entire range of construction adhesives and pick those that fit your requirement and budget.
  • Shuttering oil
    Shuttering oil is a key construction chemical used in cleaning and releasing formworks. Also known as a form (or mould) releasing agent, shuttering oils are mostly made of mineral oil and are applied to the inner side of the formworks prior to the concreting step.
    Suitable for all types of concrete formworks, we offer the best quality of shuttering oils. Sourced from industry-leading shuttering oil manufacturers, our shuttering oils are non-toxic and non-hazardous. Ensure the extended reusability of your construction formwork with the ample protection of our shuttering oils.
    Check out the best of shuttering oils on BuildSupply and select according to your requirements and available budget.
  • Admixtures
    Admixtures provide excellent strength to concrete structures and are used in various modern construction projects. For construction projects, admixtures are usually added to the entire concrete batch before (or during) the mixing process.
    Get the best of admixtures from reliable manufacturers on BuildSupply . Along with long-lasting workability, our products include properties like waterproofing, leakage resistance, and suitability for all types of concrete mixtures.
    Check out our range of admixtures before choosing the perfect one for your requirement.
  • Grouting material
    Consisting of a mixture of concrete, water, and sand, grouting materials are used in a range of new and maintenance projects in the construction domain. A grout mixture is typically a dense fluid that is used to fill gaps or as a reinforcement in existing objects. For household applications, grouting material is generally used to fill in bathroom or kitchen tiles.
    Reinforce your concrete surfaces and structures with the reliable application and foundation of grouting material available on BuildSupply. Our product features include high water resistance, bonding strength, and compatibility with different types of materials.
    Do browse through the entire list of grouting materials on BuildSupply  to select the best and most appropriate one for your use.
  • Construction sealants
    Construction sealants are often used to prevent any fluids or substances from leaking through surfaces, joints, and openings in buildings. They can also be used to stop passing of air, dust, or insects - by closing small openings between spaces or materials. Sealants are not the same as adhesives - but can possess some of the adhesive properties.
    BuildSupply provides you with the best of construction sealants, sourced from Bulwark - among the reliable construction chemical companies in the market.
    Check out our range of construction sealants on BuildSupply and choose the one that suits your construction requirement.

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Check the Prices of Construction Chemicals on BuildSupply Platform

S.No. Construction Chemical price Starting Price
1 Waterproofing chemicals price Rs. 130 / 20kg
2 Construction adhesives price Rs. 24/bag
3 Shuttering oil price Rs. 89/20kg
4 Admixtures price Rs. 58/bag
5 Grouting material price Rs. 42/20kg