Work Culture – A Key To A Happy Workplace


Work culture is one of the key factors in both, the growth of the company and the employee’s morale. It is an ecosystem within the company that can make or break the company. No one wants to work in a toxic environment. It leads to disorientation in the company itself.And if the employees aren’t happy, the company is pretty much bound to fail.

If people are not able to relate to each other for the common good of the organization and behave like tourists, no matter how smart or prolific your employees are, it’s not going to work out. The environment in a workplace needs to be the first priority of the organization.

It is also one of the main reasons why many companies fail in the first place. Take the example of a famous music store. In the month of February 2015, the company filed for bankruptcy, after losing sales.

What was the cause of that? You guessed it! The rather unpleasant employee morale that was caused by lack of pay and lack of opportunities resulted in a poor work culture and that obviously affected the customers who were interacting with such employees. It sounds almost surprising how such small things can bankrupt a company as big as them.

That’s why we at BuildSupply make it our priority to keep our employees happy, and we create an employee experience that’s hard to find.

You’ve probably already heard of Andy Grove. He was one of the founders and CEO of Intel Corporation. He helped Intel transform into a world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductors. Aside from Intel, he’s been called the guy who drove the growth phase of Silicon Valley. These are probably the things you’ve already heard about him. But there’s one thing you might have missed about this business pioneer.

Back when Intel was just starting, OKR system was originated by Andy Grove. Apparently, he’s also been referred to as the father of OKR’s. Initially, this system was adopted by Google in their first year back in 1999. OKR system was adopted by many companies later on which include LinkedIn, Zynga, Oracle, and Twitter. But the OKR system is not only for digital companies. Walmart, Target, The Guardian, Dun and Bradstreet, and ING Bank are also using OKR. We can proudly say that BuildSupply is one of those companies.

We follow the OKR system to help us maximize our efficiency. OKR stands for Objective and Key Result. Each individual provides a list of objectives that they would like to achieve that is in alignment with the company’s business priorities. At the end of each quarter of the year, objectives are reviewed by the individuals themselves to see how far they’ve come to achieve.. Since the goals set are quantified and eventually measured by a certain metric itself, it gives them the sense of clarity and a sense of progress. This makes everyone stay motivated and assess themselves comprehensively while being aligned with the company’s big priorities.

We make sure that everyone is happy with what they do, and we make sure we provide an environment that is sustainable. But it doesn’t end there. According to The Financial Times, every business should contribute to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to all the stakeholders.

That’s why we take CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) very responsibly, and we do our best to contribute. We believe in giving back to the community and its development whether it is financially, socially or in the form of environmental benefits. Take a look!


“Planting hope in the form of trees.” – Planting Trees.


“Spreading love to those who need it the most.”- Visiting Umeed for Animals Foundation. On a lighter note, everyone gets worked up and stressed while working, let alone trying to read about it. Life is about maintaining the balance between work without compromising on your non-work part of life.

That’s why at BuildSupply, we do it differently. Work-Life Balance is a story of the past, we believe in work-life integration and we do it in such a way that we learn to prioritize and integrate both work and our personal life to achieve best results.

Just to break the monotony of the continuous work, we create an ambiance of various fun activities every week. We take these fun activities, pretty seriously. Take a look!


Foosball Tournament


Cricket Tournament



We believe in making memories along the way and with a work culture like ours, you are bound to experience work like never before.


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