Why BuildSupply is the Best Construction Management Software for Builders and Contractors

Construction Management

Construction projects incorporate multiple complex processes, requiring end-to-end management throughout the project lifecycle. Builders and contractors need to leverage the capabilities of a comprehensive construction management software to better manage project planning, procurement, inventory control, progress management and other critical areas.

BuildSupply optimizes the construction value chain throughout the project lifecycle by providing technologically advanced features that introduce greater productivity, standardization, efficiency, and transparency across projects. The construction management software for builders and contractors also enables agile decision making through real-time monitoring, tracking, and collaboration tools. Builders and contractors can enhance all project stages, from planning to handover, while benefiting from cost optimization of up to 15% for construction developments.

Here we list down the reasons that make BuildSupply the best construction management software for builder and contractors:

1- Unified platform for construction lifecycle management
Digital transformation is a key priority for construction industry enterprises, with 66% of them necessitating technology as a pathway to business process optimization. Builders and contractors are increasingly leveraging online technologies to enhance planning, procurement, team collaboration, and progress management.

BuildSupply integrates construction management by unifying all project processes within one coherent workflow management system. This significantly reduces the risk of development of team silos, execution bottlenecks, quality issues, and mismanagement challenges throughout the project lifecycle. Managers have greater control and visibility over all operations and can make data-driven decisions based on detailed project information.

2-Streamlining key construction processes through built-in modules
BuildSupply construction management software offers multiple built-in modules that streamline critical processes such as cost planning, BOQ creation, procurement, material management, and approvals management. Key workflows can be automated within the platform, giving project managers greater control over the project’s progress.

Developers can also streamline material management using the integrated features designed to boost process efficiency, accountability, and productivity. Teams can generate highly detailed indents, float RFQs, and manage their materials store easily from within the software. They can design a comprehensive sourcing strategy, prepare detailed procurement packages, manage all vendors, and compare bids received easily.

The ability to enhance productivity and increase workforce efficiency through the streamlining of integrated construction processes is a critical reason why builders and contractors use BuildSupply to manage projects.

3-Enabling greater operational transparency
Transparency is essential to project success, as construction firms scale-up and manage more complex developments across regions. BuildSupply ERP drives greater transparency into construction operations, by providing comprehensive and updated project information and real-time monitoring and tracking features.

This increases accountability for every construction process, boosting workflow efficiency, enhancing productivity, and enabling comprehensive oversight for every project. Teams can also access historical bids, development plans, manpower schedules, progress updates, and supplier reports seamlessly within the platform. This enhances forecasting accuracy, strategic planning, and execution development, as teams access information transparently at any time during the construction lifecycle.

4 – Increasing project profitability across portfolio
BuildSupply ERP increases operational efficiencies, across planning, procurement, development, and delivery, while significantly impacting project profitability for developers. This is because the teams can create accurate project estimates and highly detailed BOQs to optimize project costs during the pre-construction stage. The solution also drives better material control, indent management, site consumption, and stock control, which significantly lowers material costs and eliminates overruns.

Key scheduling, automation, analytics, collaboration, and reporting based functionalities enhance operational efficiencies, making the enterprise more agile while decreasing administrative & indirect costs. Real-time data analytics features also enable project managers to analyse project financial data, enabling them to control overspending caused by poor planning, on-site delays, materials unavailability, etc.

In conclusion
BuildSupply ERP enables builders and contractors to streamline project delivery, by enhancing every stage of the project lifecycle. Decision makers gain access to end-to-end management tools that drive better project planning, material procurement, and project execution. By aligning team members, vendors, managers, and key stakeholders, BuildSupply increases productivity and process efficiencies to boost profitability across every project.

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