Unique Counter Basin Designs To Look Out For in 2021

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Picking the perfect fittings, sinks, and sanitaryware make all the difference when it comes to designing a beautiful yet functional home. A well-designed home is both aesthetically superlative and ergonomically superior. Keeping this in mind, it is time that home developers and designers start to look for counter basins that can be both efficient and make beautiful additions to the household. This could make all the difference when it comes to getting the property off the market at a time when real estate sales have started to pick up.
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Much to do with material – One unique counter basin design innovation that you can incorporate is playing around with the material itself.  Standard basins and sinks are made from porcelain (a ceramic clay coated with enamel). You may want to look at alternatives such as copper and steel to match the other materials used as highlights or trimmings in the hope. An earthy home with copper panels or with a brick facade definitely warrants a change of attitude towards the counter basin material. This will also ensure that the basin is chip and breakage resistant and lasts longer.

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Integrated or not – Planning for and installing the right counter basin may make for more efficient space utilization and for designing the water supply systems more efficiently. Look at the different options you have – counter basins placed above or under the counter itself, upright basins, integrated basins etc. It is best to pick a basin that blends in with the design elements around it but also allows for smooth maintenance as and when necessary. In this regard, integrated basins, though high on aesthetics, may be at a disadvantage. They do, however, offer exceptional functionality and space saving opportunity.

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Colour, design, and charm – Unique basin designs and a dash of colour can help elevate the most monotonous of counters and add an unprecedented charm to the functional spaces. You may want to consider installing a pretty patterned or floral counter basin if you want to add a touch of eclecticism to the home. The blue pottery-inspired basin or a wildflower patterned basin or even a concrete basin with ridges could help add a great deal of attraction to the counter area.

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All about transparency – If you are on the lookout for unique counter basin designs, you may want to consider the beauty of transparency. Transparent glass basins, basins made of toughened glass with pretty patterns or even swirls to complement the flow of water can be quite an attraction in most counter areas. These, unlike the common misconception, can be quite sturdy and pretty at the same time. Cost efficiency of toughened glass counter basins is quite comparable with those of ceramic ones and the former can be just as versatile.

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More Indian, more design – Patterned counter basins modelled after traditional Indian stepwells or after matching counter top tiles – this is the new in trend to be considered by designers and home developers this season. These have a unique charm and can be great utility pieces. While considering patterned basins, however, it is important to ensure that these are easy to clean and maintain as well. This is an important feature most home owners shall be looking out for.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more home owners prefer to work, cook, and spend time at home. Every feature of the home needs to be designed and installed after careful consideration. Counter basins are no different. Cost, efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality are all factors to consider.  While unique designs and patterns are definitely a great attraction, it is durability and dependability along with ease of installation that must set the winners apart.


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