Top uPVC Windows Manufacturers in Delhi/ NCR


Several leading uPVC windows manufacturers in Delhi NCR specialize in weather-resistant, energy-saving, and low-maintenance fittings that offer superior sound insulation for quieter interiors. These window options can be leveraged seamlessly for commercial and residential projects, giving architects, designers, and developers greater flexibility in selecting the ideal window style. uPVC windows price points are also cost-effective at scale, making them perfect for skyscrapers, building complexes, and industrial settings. Let us review the top uPVC windows manufacturers in Delhi/NCR.

  1. Saint-Gobain
    With 350+ years of glass expertise, Saint-Gobain offers the SUN-BAN glass which is a popular uPVC window used extensively across projects.
  • The uPVC glass is offered in a wide range of stylish façades, categorized in premium, elite, and royal, for ease of consideration.
  • With 75-80% of electricity consumption being attributed to lighting and air conditioning, Saint-Gobain uPVC windows focus on end-to-end long-term cost savings.
  • The double-glazed uPVC windows can eliminate sound pollution by as much as 70%.
  • They are highly heat resistant, sound insulating, and UV-ray protective for comfortable living experiences.
  • Saint-Gobain offers extensive after-sales services and maintenance for all installations.
  1. Lingel
    The Karl Lingel Fensterbau GmbH & Co.KG, established in 1959, is a leading European brand of uPVC windows.
  • Lingel windows are designed using sophisticated multi-chambering technology.
  • They offer high strength, thermal resistive, and sound insulating uPVC windows that comply with international standards of quality and efficacy.
  • Lingel profiles are made of higher quality uPVC which makes them resistant to common pests and require less maintenance long-term.
  • The brand also focuses on sustainable practices to ensure that their windows are designed leveraging eco-friendly manufacturing and testing practices.
  1. Orotuff
    Orotuff is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of safety glass, architecture glass, glazing glass, etc. having state of the art infrastructure and market-leading price points.
  • They specialize in stylish uPVC sliding windows that are ideal for homes with gardens, outdoor seating areas, and commercial spaces with open access.
  • They offer 4-12 mm glass thickness, with key frame colours to match unique project requirements.
  • They are easier to maintain and provide consistent sound proofing to interiors.
  1. AIS Windows
    AIS Windows offers one of the widest ranges in uPVC windows, making the brand a top uPVC windows manufacturer in Delhi NCR.
  • Their anti-pollution, energy-saving and privacy driven glass is highly cost-effective at-scale, while being exceptionally secure upon impact.
  • The windows are available in twin-sash, sliding, slide hung, top hung, French window, and glass to glass window options, giving architects and developers multiple options to choose from.
  • The soundproofing in the windows can block out close to 90% of outside noise, owing to its premium-quality laminated glass and superior installation practices.
  1. Fenesta
    Fenesta is a top uPVC windows manufacturer in Delhi/NCR, offering buyers a wide range in stylish uPVC windows.
  • Fenesta simplifies the procurement process through its three key categories – Premium, Luxury and Super Luxury uPVC windows, offering several options in sliding, casement, villa, etc.
  • They offer integrated insect screens to keep spaces pest-free.
  • uPVC windows are designed with multipoint locks and air-tight seals to eliminate noise pollution, dust, rain, etc.
  • The windows are highly termite resistant and do not require significant maintenance and upkeep.
  • Super-premium high-rise uPVC glass can withstand wind-loads of up to 3000 Pascals for complete protection.

In conclusion
There are several uPVC windows manufacturers in Delhi NCR that offer a wide range of styles, designs, and feature-rich window fittings. While the functional benefits of uPVC make it the ideal choice for a wide range of projects, selecting the right brand with the right expertise is critical. BuildSupply offers buyers several different brands in the uPVC space, with extensive technical details, transparent payment terms, and in-depth customer support.

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