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TMT Bars

TMT bars are one of the most essential components of any building structure thus making the selection of the right TMT bar manufacturer very crucial for any construction project. The iron and steel industry plays a vital role in developing countries like India and steel and TMT bars manufacturing lays the foundation of industrial growth and civil development in our country. The growth of Indian steel industry has been piloted by the availability of raw materials such as iron ore and cost effective labour, domestically.

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As per the Economic Survey 2018-2019, the production of steel will touch 128.6 million tonnes by 2021. The iron and steel industry is witnessing a rise in the investment by entities from other sectors and global players. All of these factors have encouraged the establishment ofa number of TMT bar manufacturers in India.

Best TMT Bars Manufacturers in India
The Indian steel market has a lot of competition due to the easy availability of raw materials and low cost work force, in the country itself. Let us have a look at some of the best manufacturers of TMT bars in India, in terms of their annual turnover, due to their demand in the market.

    • TATA Tiscon
      Tata Tiscon is a well-established rebar brand, which has more than 6800 dealers across the country.This trustworthy TMT manufacturer is known for its superior ductile range, made specifically for seismic prone areas and heavy duty construction.It offers wide range of rebars, which are corrosion resistant.


      • Tata Tiscon 500
      • Tata Tiscon SD
      • Tata Tiscon Footing
      • Tata Tiscon Superlinks
  • Jindal Panther TMT bars(JSPL)
    Jindal Panther is one of the most respected brands in the B2B steel market in India. The steel rolling process is done at the world’s most advanced Morgan Rolling Mill using the state-of-the art HYQST technology. This helps in the production of TMT bars of high quality finish. Jindal Panther offers only Fe 550D TMT rebar grade which has 32% higher strength than conventional steel.


Features of the TMT Bars:

  • Uniform and Parallel Rib Pattern
  • Superior Weldability: Low Levels Of Carbon
  • High UTS/YS
  • HYQST Technology
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • JSW Neo Steel
    JSW Steel Ltd. has state of the art TMT manufacturing facilities with 18MTPA installed capacity across the country. A subsidiary of the JSW Group, it has an annual turnover of $11 billion. The bars are apt for earthquake prone zones and are more resistant to shocks due to a combination of high strength and ductility. It is often the first choice for Landmark projects.



  • JSW Neosteel 500 D
  • JSW Neosteel 550 D
  • JSW Neosteel 600 D
  • JSW Neosteel CSR

The TMT bars manufactured at JSW NEOSTEEL are toughened high strength HYQST (High Yield Quenched + and Self Tempered) bars.

Benefits of JSW NEOSTEEL TMT bars include:

  • Highest level of purity
  • Consistent quality
  • Best bonding with cement


  • SAIL
    Steel Authority of India is among the most trusted TMT bars manufacturers for construction in India. Their products are known to be extremely ductile and their strength makes them ideal for heavy-duty construction.


Grade Application Special Qualities
SAIL TMT D Reinforced concrete construction (RCC) in buildings, bridges and other concrete structures. Excellent bendability, good weldablity and high fatigue resistance on dynamic loading
SAIL TMT HCR RCC construction exposed to coastal, marine and underground environment. In addition to SAIL TMT D, it possesses high corrosion resistance properties.
SAIL TMT EQR RCC construction in earthquake prone zone. In addition to SAIL TMT D, it has higher and elongation and narrow range of YS.
SAIL TMT HCR EQR RCC construction in corrosion as well as earthquake prone zone. Possess combine properties of SAIL TMT HCR and SAIL TMT EQR
SAIL TMT Rock/Roofbolt Underground mine and tunnel roof support, slope stabilization in hills and soil sailing. High strength, better toughness, and excellent bond properties with grouting materials.
  • Electrosteel Steels Limited
    Electrosteel Steels Ltd has set up 2.51 Million Ton Per Annum (MTPA) Greenfield Integrated Steel Plantin the Bokaro district, Jharkhand. TheTMT bars are produced in Fe550D, CRS variety as per IS 1786/2008 grade. The carbon and carbon equivalent levels are kept low to attain better properties.

    Advantages of V-Xega Fe550D Rebars are as follows:

  • Higher Elongation
  • Higher Strength
  • Good Weldability
  • Better bend/re-bend properties


  • Rathi Steel Group
    Rathi Steel Group started with manufacturing quenched and self-tempered steel bars. Made with state-of-the-art technology, the steel bars have the capacity to withstand earthquake, fire and corrosion hazards. STELMAX 500 FRD TMT BARS are made as per IS 1786-2008. These bars are available in a wide range of diameters from 8mm to 32mm and are suitable for all types of requirement.


Advantages of the steel bars:

  • Excellent bendability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance properties
  • Higher seismic resistance.


  • Shyam Steel
    Shyam Steel is one of the leading TMT bar manufacturer and supplier in India. They are TUV certified, due to which all their TMT bars are of the optimum class. Their lab is furnished with advanced equipment that are used to keep a check on the improvement in the quality of their products. Therefore, all their TMT rebars come with advantages such as superior stability, consistent quality, high strength-to-weight ratios, uniform grades, dimensions and tolerances.



  • TMT Rebars
  • Sponge Iron
  • Billets


  • Amba Shakti
    Amba Shakti 500 SD TMT bars has earned a reputation of being one of the premier steel products manufacturing company. The TMT bars are manufactured in captive steel plants, using eco-friendly direct rolling technology in which there is no carbon emission as latent heat of the metal is used. The TMT bars are available in grades Fe 500 & 550, ranging from 8mm to 32mm.


  • Bhushan Steel
    Bhushan Steel has become quite popular within a short span, since its inception in 2003. This TMT bar manufacturer is known for its quality products, manufactured with state of the art technology and world-class client servicing. Both national and international dealers are opting for Bhushan Steel TMT bars as a preferred choice. They are a leading manufacturer of flat, rounds and long products as well as value added products with total steel value chain.



  • Billets
  • HR Coils
  • Pig Iron
  • CR Coils
  • Precision Tubes
  • Tor Steel
  • Wire Rod Bright Bars
  • Special Alloy Steel


  • Kedaar Steel
    DS Rolling Mills Private Limited was started in the year 2011 with the aim to expand in the steel sector of India. Kedaar Steel is their brand with a flagship production plant, strategically located in Uttarakhand. Their state-of-the-art fully integrated unit is one of the largest producers of TMT bars in the Haridwar District, with an annual production capacity of upto 2,50,000 MT. The company manufactures its own Ingots and does not depend on out sourcing, ensuring quality and the right specifications. Kedaar TMT is produces in Fe415 and Fe500 grades.


With the large-scale steel industry prevalent in our country, you can easily choose from an array of manufacturers available in the Indian steel market for your construction project.


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