Top Sanitaryware Manufacturers In Delhi/NCR

Santitary Ware Brands

Maximizing style, functionality, and cost-savings, sanitaryware manufacturers in India produce a range of washbasins, water closets, showers, and faucets. In key markets, such as Delhi/NCR, manufacturers are also offering technologically advanced sanitaryware solutions that enhance the bath space experience significantly.

The top sanitaryware manufacturers, such as Jaguar, Hindware, Cera, etc. offer unique sanitaryware products that focus on meeting key customer requirements, through decades of experience and well-crafted product ranges. Let us review the best manufacturers of sanitaryware and why their offerings are market leading.

  1. Saint-Gobain
  • Saint-Gobain has been offering quality products in India since 1996, with a specialized focus on plumbing, heating, and sanitaryware products for new constructions and home improvement needs.
  • Saint-Gobain shower cubicles redefine the luxury bathing experience for buyers, through their sturdy and leak-proof designs, offering five distinct series.
  • The installations come with brass fixtures and can be customized to any space within the area.
  • Buyers can choose from over 500 options, benefiting from one of the widest ranges in the market.
  • The layouts are exceptionally durable, temper-able, and scratch-proof, while offering reduced deposits and condensation.
  • The high-quality fittings conform to BS7352 standards of performance, and ASTM B117 standards of corrosion resistance for superior performance and longevity.
  1. Cotto
  • Cotto offers several stylish designs in toilets, basins, smart seats, bathtubs, urinals, etc. for ease of selection when buyers review sanitaryware manufacturers in Delhi/NCR.
  • Cotto provides customers a wide range of touchless & ultracleanwater closets, that perform flushes upon sensor activation.
  • Ultraclean + glazing technology antibacterial features ensure reduced bacterial formation on fittings, while being easier to clean.
  • Smart seats by Cotto offer automatic warming, air drying, LED night light, and remote control-based convenience to buyers.
  • Innovative bathroom collections available to buyers, such as the international minimalist aesthetic The Naoto Fukasawa Oval series leveraging non-directional bathroom design.
  1. Jaguar
  • Jaguar is a global complete bathroom solutions brand, offering buyers stylish options in faucets, showers, thermostatic mixers, spas, shower panels, and whirlpools.
  • Jaguar delivers over 2.4 million bathrooms and produces over 28 million bath fittings annually.
  • It offers complete bathroom solutions in three distinct categories – Elite, Premium, and Value.
  • It is one of the top sanitaryware manufacturers in Delhi/NCR, owing to its innovative solutions, such as body showers, hydrolite showers, pressmatic faucets, etc.
  • The company focuses on silica core technology, auto-polishing machines, and advanced chemical coating processes, along with pneumatic testing and endurance testing, to produce high-quality fittings.
  • It offers a load bearing capacity of 400 kg for WC, 100 kg for WB, and 150 kg (seat cover and bushes) with anti-germ glazing for increased prote
  • Jaguar also offers a 10-year warranty on its sanitaryware products, along with anti-bacteria, and odour-less WC guarantees.
  1. Hindware
  • Launched in 1960, Hindware has been in the sanitaryware industry for decades offering cutting-edge automation-driven sanitaryware products.
  • Its award-winning products have been widely regarded as style-forward and engineered to last.
  • It has a wide reach of 22,000+ retail touchpoints and 3,375+ trade partners
  • The company offers theme-based bathrooms, making it easier for buyers to finalize the right fittings and accessories, while also offering innovative features such as slow-falling seat covers.
  • The sanitaryware manufacturer offers sensor-based touch-free faucets under its SENSible range.
  • There are several combo-packs that buyers can take advantage of when opting for Hindware fittings, for better savings for scale-driven requirements.
  1. Cera
  • Cera is one of the top sanitaryware manufacturers in Delhi/NCR focused on enhancing aesthetic appeal as well as optimizing water consumption long-term.
  • Each flush (in 4 litre) saves 33% of water per use, making Cera one of the eco-friendliest brands in the market.
  • The company has a UIPC-1 and WEP-1 water rating for resource conservation and commitment to green use.
  • The company also focuses on special needs fittings, to ensure comfort and safety for older and disabled individuals using the bathroom.
  • They also offer a kids’ range of bathroom products that are designed to delight children by making the bathroom truly theirs.
  1. Kohler
  • Kohler is one of the most renowned sanitaryware manufacturers, offering bold and aesthetically advanced options in faucets, toilets, showers, and more.
  • They specialize in vibrant finishes, such as rose gold, French gold, brushed nickel, etc. enhancing the overall appeal of the bathroom space with modernized international designs.
  • Kohler also offers international artistic fittings that are unique in both their appearance and use.
  • Kohler’s DTV+ (digital thermostatic valve) shower controls four elements to provide customers a unique multi-sensory showering experience.
  • Kohler also produces ultra-thin fittings, ranging from 2mm-6mm body for sleeker bathroom finishes.
  • The sanitaryware products come with anti-microbial technology, ensuring the elimination of bacteria within the area through its Safe Shield protection.

In conclusion
With a wide range in sanitaryware options, buyers can review technical specifications, materials, benefits, quality testing, and aesthetic effectiveness, to finalize the ideal faucets, wash basins, shower, sinks, etc. for their projects. BuildSupply offers a diverse range of sanitaryware brands on its platform, giving buyers complete flexibility in searching via category, brand, and type, to procure the perfect product for their construction projects.

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