Things To Keep In Mind When Buying TMT Bars For Your Construction Project

TMT Bars for Construction Project

One of the most critical construction materials, TMT steel bars or thermo-mechanically treated steel bars are widely used across construction projects. Projects requiring superior reinforcement to secure structures, need to work with high quality TMT bars at-scale. Their exceptional strength and bonding properties ensure that builders drive resilience and structural stability to any construction project being developed.

Why choose TMT Steel Bars for Your Construction Project?
From ensuring longevity to providing buildings high tensile strength, TMT steel bars play a vital role in modern construction projects. They strengthen the building’s structure, provide flexibility, endure load-based stresses and safeguard the structure from damage. Owing to these qualities, TMT has become the cornerstone for all modern-day construction projects, be it hospitals, highways, or flyovers.

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Buyers need to know the basic manufacturing steps involved in TMT steel development, via the thermo-mechanical treatment process. It encompasses the following steps:

The hot-rolled bars that come out fresh from the finished mill are made to enter ‘thermex system’ which is a water-spray cooling system. Once these bars are passed through system, their outer core starts to cool down in a rapid manner. A martensitic rim is created on the outer layer while leaving the inner core hot.

The next stage is self-tempering. When the rebars come out of the thermex system, the heat flows from the hot core to the cold surface, creating a strengthened structure known as ‘tempered martensite’. Atmospheric cooling is a key process that follows self-tempering.

Atmospheric cooling
From transforming the austenitic core of the steel rebar to ferrite-pearlite structure (that will enable them to resist any seismic activity upon installation), the atmospheric cooling process includes numerous steps that eventually results in the formation of a solid outer layer, leaving the core ductile. This provides additional strength to the overall structure.

Key factors to keep in mind when buying TMT bars
To help you make a more conscious buying decision, we have curated a list of factors that must be considered while buying TMT steel bars.

1- Types of TMT Grades
There are several types of TMT steel bars available in India, such as Fe 415, 500, 550, 550D, 600, etc. The highest grade of TMT bars offers the greatest tensile strength, and can be used for infrastructure, industrial, and large-scale commercial construction work. Lower grade TMT steel bars are ideal for site work that requires superior ductility. The best TMT bar is the one that fits your requirement perfectly, while offering the right mix of strength and flexibility.

2- Quality manufacturing & testing
TMT manufacturers need to comply with international standards and practices to develop a cost-effective and scalable TMT bar. These bars are functionally superior to market alternatives, while providing the necessary strength, flexibility, and workability required to construct structures seamlessly. The top manufacturers also perform comprehensive tensile tests, yield strength tests, bend tests and chemical analysis tests to ensure consistency and compliance to specifications.

3Compliance to best practices & certifications
Certification is one of the most important factors to consider while buying TMT steel bars. BIS and ISO certifications act in accordance with the safety standards. Apart from certifications, the right testing protocols must be instated to ensure durability and adherence to specifications. If you are purchasing TATA TMT bar or JSW TMT bar, you can be rest assured as these leading TMT bars manufacturers in India practice stringent quality control measures.

4- Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion of structures is not just a durability-related concern. From reducing the cross-section to introducing additional stress points, this chemical process affects the overall stability of the structure. Buyers must check the corrosion and rust resistance properties of the TMT bars before going ahead with the purchase. In cases, you are sourcing TMT from a dealer, it is important to check the material storage at his end to ensure optimum TMT storage conditions.

5- Bendability
Both strength and bendability are equally important for projects, as they provide flexibility in applications and use-cases. While the high tensile strength of TMT bars keeps the load off the structure, their bending capacity is ascertained by their bendability. Moreover, bendability is directly proportional to the ductility of TMT bars, meaning if a reinforced bar which is less ductile is bent, chances are that it will break faster than the one that is more ductile.

6- Cost-effectiveness at-scale
Owing to their intricate manufacturing process, TMT bars are highly ductile, weldable, earthquake and fire-resistant. The best TMT bars are highly cost-effective, meaning if you are using TMT steel bars for your construction projects, you can save as much as 20% of the steel without compromising on its strength. The cost-effectiveness of TMT bars comes from the fact that they have higher tensile strength as well as elongation properties that directly translate to reduced use of steel for the same purpose.

Since TMT bars are the foundation any successful construction project, it is crucial to ensure the availability of quality TMT bars that adhere to the project requirement. With leading online marketplaces such as BuildSupply, buyers can gain access to TATA, JSW, SAIL, and other prominent TMT brands. Buyers can seamlessly research all TMT suppliers, understand their key offerings, and request for quotations directly within the platform.


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