Simplifying Your Construction Operations

BuildSupply- Simplifying Your Construction Operations
Simplifying Your Construction Operations

A Bill of Quantity is a document that gives detailed description of the construction cost estimation. It includes the scope of work as well as the quantity and cost of labour and materials required for the successful management and completion of a construction project.

The Bill of Quantity (BOQ) serves as the basis for all the tenders that are presented by different companies at the time of bidding for construction projects. Once a tender is finalised and selected, it is included in the Contract agreement of the Client and the Contractor defining the latter’s work description and scope.Thus, at the pre-contract stage, a BOQ creation platform helps in formulating tenders and at the post- contract stage, it assists in evaluating the progress payment and variation works.

During the post-contract stage, a BOQ will also facilitate variation orders management by providing a practical and uniform basis for the valuation and assessment of variations.In this age of rapid technological advancements, creating BOQs & cost estimations in the form of multiple heavy excel sheets and circulating them among several teams has become very antiquated. In order to stay ahead and give your business that competitive edge, it is better to keep up with new trends and opt for a domain heavy ERP for your construction operations.With the sharp features and functionalities of our ERP and its Smart BOQs module, client’s BOQ & cost estimation process will become efficient, updated and smooth eliminating the chances of error and delay. Users can create multiple BOQs online and access them simultaneously.

This is beneficial for the company because it helps in increasing collaboration and efficiency.At the core of our ERP system, is a comprehensive and well-organized database which acts as the engine for our BOQ and cost estimation software. It can be used to access the rates of multiple line items directly from our defined database, speeding up things and generating efficiency.

In any construction business, there would almost always be multiple projects to handle at the same time. To manage the work-flow better, the BOQs can be copied partially or fully from the database. This will cut down the amount of redundant work associated with excel sheets. Moreover, since all the stakeholders would be able to access the BOQs online, there would be much less chances of error, miscommunication or discrepancy.



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