Ready Mix Concrete: An overview

Read Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete refers to custom-made concrete produced in within a batching plant or a factory. Its manufacturing is based on the required specifications and is delivered to the contractor in the plastic condition in cylindrical trucks commonly known as ‘transit mixers’. This ready-to-use material involves the integral mixing of cement, sand, water and aggregate and possesses high durability. The prepared concrete mix is delivered to the site via transit mixers that are fixed over a truck.

Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)
Ready-mix concrete offers a range of benefits over other substitutes available in the market. Let’s have a look at the top advantages:

  1. RMC is designed using highly controlled manufacturing processes, which ensures consistency in the design-mix and overall quality.
  2. It is highly cost-effective at-scale, as it reduces the overall consumption of cement due to automated processes and better on-site handling.
  3. It expedites construction development as it is easier to work with and requires lesser labour resources.
  4. There is lesser wastage of raw materials, as RMC eliminates the need for manual on-site mixing.
  5. RMC is more durable than traditional concrete, enhancing the lifespan of the construction project significantly.
  6. It is prepared directly at the batching plant, eliminating the need for on-site storage of bulky raw materials.
  7. It is more versatile as it can be customized to fulfill any construction project requirement.
  8. It is highly environment-friendly as there is lower dust emission, lower pollution, and better utilization of raw materials.

Types of Ready Mixed Concrete
Three types of ready-mix concrete (RMC) are mainly available in the market, based upon the mixing of various ingredients:

  1. Transit mixed concrete
  2. Shrink mixed concrete
  3. Central mixed concrete
  1. Transit mixed concrete
    Also known as dry-batched concrete, it is the type of concrete in which water along with other basic ingredients are put straight into the truck mixer. The mixer drum is rotated at a rapid pace when the material is being loaded and is made to rotate at a usual agitating speed post that. This type of ready-mix concrete has three types of variation possibilities:

  • Concrete mixed at the job site
    In involves revolving the drum at an agitating speed of 2 rpm while it is in the transit and increasing it thereafter to 12-15 rpm for 70 to 100 revolutions just before reaching the site and discharging the material. This is done to ensure homogeneous mixing.

  • Concrete mixed in transit
    It involves revolving the drum at a medium pace of approximately 8 rpm for 70 revolutions during the transit. The speed is then reduced to 2 rpm post 70 revolutions till the concrete is discharged.

  • Concrete mixed in the yard
    It involves revolving the drum at a speed of 12 to 15 rpm (high speed) for approximately 50 revolutions which is carried out in the yard itself. While in transit, the concrete is agitated slowly.

  1. Shrink mixed concrete
    Shrink mixed concrete refers to the concrete that is moderately mixed in the plant mixer, post which balance mixing is carried out in the truck mounted drum mixer while in transit. The extent of mixing to be carried out in transit mixer is based on the extent of mixing carried out in the central mixing plant.

  2. Central-mixed concrete
    It is the type of ready-mix concrete prepared by mixing the concrete in a central batching plant. In the case of central-mixed concrete, the truck mixer plays the role of an agitator only. Dump trucks can also be used based on the workability requirement.

Applications of Ready-Mix Concrete
Ready-mix concrete is widely used in a variety of applications. Major concreting projects include dams, bridges, roads, tunnels, and canals, etc. It is also used for concreting congested areas where the storage of materials isn’t quite possible and sites where the intensity of traffic makes things problematic. The material is preferred when there is a shortage of supervisors and labour staff. Owing to its ability to reduce the time required for construction, ready-mix concrete is extensively favoured for industrial and residential projects.

Ready-mix concrete is manufactured in a plant away from the actual site of placing and is delivered to the construction site in an unhardened, plastic state which is ready to use. Sold by volume, ready-mix concrete imparts higher strength to a structure and also increases its durability. At BuildSupply, the best quality cement, aggregates, and admixtures are procured to ensure the consistency, durability and high compressive strength of ready-mix concrete.  With state-of-the-art machinery and plants, stringent quality assurance, a large fleet of transit mixers, GPS enabled delivery, custom design mix, customer support, and time efficiency, BuildSupply custom-design ready-mix concrete enhances the time and cost efficiency of the construction material procurement process significantly. We also offer the best ready-mix concrete price in Delhi and other cities across all grades.

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