Procore software vs BuildSupply ERP: All You Need To Know


Procore and BuildSupply ERP are two exceptional construction software solutions, designed to focus on the distinctive needs of the construction industry. Procore is a construction project management solution, used by construction owners to align project processes and streamline execution. BuildSupply ERP is a dynamic workflow management system that helps optimize all construction stages from planning to handover.

Both platforms offer significant advantages, in terms of planning tools, process efficiencies, cost reduction, and automated workflows. Project managers can find the right fit for their requirements, based on the features and capabilities delivered.

Let us review the differences between Procore and BuildSupply ERP to fully gauge their impact on construction projects.

Bundle-based offering vs End-to-end management
The Procore software solution is designed for heavy global project requirements with a bundle-driven offering model. Project managers can opt for pre-construction, project management, resource management and financial management bundles to fulfil their construction requirements. Effective training should be accompanied when adopting the solution to ensure complete integration.

On the other hand, BuildSupply offers developers a comprehensive and intuitive construction management solution, with robust budgeting and estimation, tendering & vendor management, material management and procurement modules. The solution is designed to maximize cost savings, while boosting productivity, efficiency, and transparency. Construction firms can also monitor all projects in real-time, communicate seamlessly with site teams, dynamically manage on-site requests, and perform course-corrective actions seamlessly from the BuildSupply ERP dashboard.

Marketplace App-driven vs solution
While Procore is a marketplace-app driven solution, BuildSupply is a complete end-to-end offering for the construction industry. Procore offers several apps that can be plugged into the solution to supplement its offerings. It offers integrations with external software solutions, such as Bluebeam, Oracle Primavera, Microsoft Project, Zoom, etc. The platform also extends its scope to offering training and certification programs for enhanced expertise.

BuildSupply offers a feature-rich experience enhancing all construction processes, such as cost planning, PO management, material management, progress control, etc. BuildSupply has also developed a database of over 13 million line item descriptions, in collaboration with construction industry experts, that enables users to create detailed BOQs quickly. Leveraging this database also allows users to perform comprehensive rate analysis to design highly accurate construction project costs. Developers can also perform custom integrations with applications, such as Tally & SAP, to unify the entire project value chain.

Global outlook vs Deep local expertise
Procore offers a wide suite of offerings, including project management, BIM, analytics, and training solutions. It focuses on the global outlook of the construction industry, providing stack-driven solutions (Marketplace, Analytics, Connect, etc.) to project managers.

BuildSupply incorporates deep local insights, driven through collaborative initiatives and long-term relationships with industry experts, construction firms, and contractors. It is a technologically advanced platform offering cost planning, BOQ management, online tendering, vendor management, and material management tools to provide a more granular perspective on local on-site challenges. Its site-tested module driven model has been adopted for more than 261 projects generating BOQs of INR 16176 crores, with INR 57735 crores worth of cost planning.

Integrated e-commerce and material management solutions
BuildSupply also offers value to developers and contractor ecosystem in the form of price discovery and e- procurement of various construction materials. Buyers can find the widest range of materials, and raise an RFQ directly on the platform for the best rates on TMT steel, cement, ready-mix-concrete, AAC blocks, tiles, etc. Additionally, BuildSupply Material Manager is an integrated procurement and inventory management software designed to simplify material management and procurement for construction projects.

In conclusion
Developers are consistently looking for the best value when it comes to ERP solutions, which is why it is important to review the differences between leading construction software solutions. While Procore is an international construction software provider, BuildSupply ERP is a user-friendly solution designed to reflect key Indian construction enterprise requirements. The flexible payment models, extensive customer support, and feature-rich modules, make BuildSupply an ideal choice for builders and contractors in India.

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