Points To Keep In Mind When Choosing Fiber Cement Board


A fiber cement board is a multifaceted building material that can be used for external siding, internal walls, false ceilings, and a range of other applications. Buyers should opt for quality fiber cement boards, as they are highly versatile and low maintenance by design. They are composed of sand, cellulose fibers, and cement, and can withstand extreme temperatures, which makes them ideal for projects across different climatic conditions.

The cement present within fibre cement boards makes them resilient against pests and rotting, while also eliminating the presence of bacteria or mould. Fiber cement boards are also available in a wide variety of styles and finishes and are highly resistant to fire for indoor and outdoor applications. That is why they are widely considered as ideal alternatives to traditional wood fittings, and can be used across residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

It is important for buyers to consider key decision parameters, prior to buying the right brand of fiber cement board in the market. From reputation to technical specifications, there are essential factors that buyers need to consider especially when procuring for large-scale requirements. Let us review the key areas that are highly relevant to procuring fiber cement boards.

Reviewing technical specifications – While there are several brands in the construction marketplace offering a wide range of fiber cement boards, buyers should review the technical specifications closely. The following parameters are vital to review, prior to buying fiber cement boards.

Thickness – Fiber cement boards and smartboards are available between 6mm to 20mm in thickness. It is important to buy the right board with the right thickness for your specific requirement.

Density – Fiber cement board density between 1300–1600 Kg/m3 is considered ideal, based on the requirement. Key metrics such as modulus of elasticity, modulus of rupture, and impact strength should also be reviewed for each brand.

Water absorption – A close to 33% of water absorption percentage is ideal across the board for fiber cement board manufacturers.

Fire resistance – Buyers should review the ignitability, fire propagation index, and surface spread of flame, to gauge protection class and duration of fire resistance. Class P for ignitability is considered ideal in the market.

Freeze-Thaw Resistance – Boards should pass freeze-thaw resistance of 50 cycles.

Acoustic insulation – Fiber cement boards that provide around 30 dB of sound insulation are preferred by buyers.

Moisture, fungus, and bacterial resistance – Manufacturers provide complete assurances of moisture, fungus, and bacteria resistance. It is important to review their testing practices.

Researching brand reputation
Key brands within the fiber cement board space, such as SCG Smartboard, CenturyPly, and Everest, follow unique manufacturing and quality analysis practices to produce high-quality boards. Buyers can perform research on the top brands and understand their field effectiveness via online marketplaces.

It is vital to opt for reputed brands within the industry, who ensure durability, longevity, and compliance to outlined technical specifications.

Analysing application-fit for projects
As there are several different types of fiber cement boards in the market, it is important to opt for the right one for your project. E.g., an SCG decorative wood grain 60x120x0.4 (cm) smartboard is ideal for ceiling applications only and cannot be used as a structure.

Fiber cement boards are highly versatile in their application, and can be used for internal walls, external walls, internal wall linings, false ceilings, duct coverings, prefabricated shelters, roof tile underlay, and flooring. Buyers should review the specific applications of the fiber cement board, prior to procuring them from suppliers.

In conclusion
When buying fiber cement boards, it is important to review the technical specifications mentioned by the manufacturer, as well as understand the reputation of the brand in the industry. With each manufacturer following their own manufacturing and engineering processes, it is essential to research the testing protocols implemented as well. BuildSupply offers buyers multiple types of fiber cement boards, that offer superior performance and durability. They can be used for any application across projects and come with transparent pricing options for complete buying clarity.


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