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Things To Keep In Mind When Buying TMT Bars For Your Construction Project

TMT Bars for Construction Project

One of the most crucial construction materials, TMT steel bars or thermo-mechanically treated steel bars are widely used in various kinds of construction projects, be it the construction of multi-storeyed high rise building or any other civil engineering structures.

Buying Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) : A Complete Guide

Buying RMC - A Complete Guide

From on-time delivery to the right mix/grade, RMC management is a critical component of construction projects across the globe. While India is the second largest cement producer in the world, we continue to grow in the RMC domain via the rise in domestic infrastructure & construction projects.

Budget 2020-2021 Implications On Real Estate


Focusing more on long-term infrastructure and industrial development, the budget 2020 did not provide direct positive implications for the real estate sector.

7 Best RMC Companies in India

RMC Manufacturers

The demand for large volumes of concrete as well as faster speed of construction is conducive for the development of ready-mixed concrete in India. Although captive RMC plants had been established in the country in the 1950s, they remained confined to mega project application.

Top TMT Bars Manufacturers In The Construction Industry

TMT Bars

TMT bars are one of the most essential components of any building structure thus making the selection of the right TMT bar manufacturer very crucial for any construction project.

Proptech Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Material Management

According to a recently published report, the Indian real estate sector is expected to achieve a market value of USD 1 trillion by the end of this decade. A multitude of factors like rapid urbanization and rising disposable income is driving this growth, but it is technology that has played a pivotal role.

How To Choose The Right RMC Supplier For Your Project

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is a high-quality concrete manufactured under controlled conditions at a concrete batching plant and then delivered at the construction site.

Top 10 Cement Suppliers in India

Cement Suppliers

The Indian cement market is the world’s second largest cement market, both in terms of production and consumption and has a vital role to play in the economic growth of the country. Cement suppliers and producers are not only contributing to the GDP.

Guide To Choosing The Right Real Estate ERP Software


The real estate sector of India is expanding momentously, thanks to the affirmative economic reforms, increasing commercial and residential realty demand, quality supply and co-operative government policies.

Future of e-procurement in real estate

eProcurement in Real Estate

Technology and innovation have started to define the rate of growth and the success of business enterprises the world over. The real estate sector is no different. From additive manufacturing to real estate ERP solutions, real estate development companies are actively embracing change that will revolutionise the way they function.