Online Bids and E-Tendering with Construction ERP


In the construction industry, bidding is the process of submitting a proposal, also called tender, for managing a construction project or undertaking the management of one. It is a long process of working through the details before a tender is finalized.

A number of companies compete with each other to win the bid as it opens up new opportunities for growth and success to their business.

Aside from its competitive nature, we understand that the construction industry is full of dynamism and there is an ever-evolving role of technology in it. Our ERP’s online bidding and e-tendering module enables users to acquire the most competitive rates in the market for their work and purchase orders. Users also get the option to specify the time-frame within which the vendors can bid online and pre-close the bid if they so desire. This feature offers sharp functionality by creating online tenders that specify the makes, set the commercial terms and upload all relevant documents.

Once the online tendering is finalised and approved by the management, it can be floated to the pre- qualified vendors, ultimately resulting in time and cost reductions. Our ERP for construction is favoured by businesses across different fields in general as it helps them save both time and money on a considerable scale, thereby increasing profitability.

The type of construction tendering software that we have developed comes with custom bidding solutions which include in-depth database of venders added by clients. We integrate database management systems and business intelligence engines to organize and assist an informed analysis of bid packages by cost, subcontractor and labour specifications, estimated completion time, contractor backlogs, performance history, reviews besides soft costs and proximity.

Furthermore, through our ERP, your online tendering for construction operations will have additional conveniences like a huge number of pre-programmed fields, error detection and field validation triggers, preference managers which track used fields by project type and automated notifications of bid activates besides project questionnaires and scope sheet apps that are programmed with customizable templates.


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