How To Choose The Right RMC Supplier For Your Project

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is a high-quality building material manufactured under controlled conditions at a concrete batching plant and delivered to a construction site. It is designed as per the specifications outlined by the buyers, such as civil contractors and construction contractors.

The mix largely comprises of cement (10-12%), water (20-25%),sand and coarse aggregators like rocks, pebbles etc (60-65%). RMC suppliers understand the exact measures of raw materials required to develop the composition necessary for RCC works, foundations, engineering works, etc. Manufacturers ensure that the correct ratio is maintained, which in turn reduces wastage of materials.

Let us understand the best way to choose an RMC supplier for your project

Review top suppliers leveraging advanced manufacturing practices
In India, one of the biggest reasons real estate developers choose RMC over other materials for construction projects is that it significantly reduces the overall budget of the project by cutting down the labour cost, storage cost, and construction time. This is due to the top-tier mechanized operations involved in the manufacturing process.

Suppliers leveraging advanced automated and streamlined manufacturing processes and technologies are ideal to fulfil core requirements. Manufacturers following international standards and practices produce high-quality RMC which can be readily used without concerns of adulteration, incorrect mix, or low-quality.

Ensure supply proximity to construction site
It is critical that the ready-mix concrete is delivered to the construction site within a specific period (less than 2 hours). Therefore, whenever you order RMC make sure that you choose a supplier that is located near your construction site.

Remember, if you order concrete from a company that is located far away, you not only fail to get a quality product but also end up increasing the delivery charge. It is important to understand the role of admixtures and how they can help sustain the composition over longer distances.

Review the supplier’s industry reputation
It is essential to check the credibility of your RMC supplier as it is a vital component of the overall project. You cannot trust an unknown company in the market for quality construction material. Buyers should look for an established ready mixed concrete supplier they can rely on.

The best way to find a reliable supplier is to visit an online platform or marketplace. It is advised to short-list good companies and check for their credentials. Buyers can also find out what previous customers have to say before selecting a supplier.

Analyse the supplier’s project experience
RMC suppliers with industry experience within your project domain, can provide valuable insights in terms of mix, delivery, and application. A new supplier or inexperienced manufacturer may not be able to deliver consistency in RMC produced as well.

According to real estate experts, it is advisable to go for a company that has been in the market for at least five to six years. Only a reputed company with a credible record can be relied on for quality and service as far as buying ready-mix concrete is concerned.

Precise concrete mixtures, timely deliveries and receiving custom-made concrete mixture for unique applications is imperative for every construction project. To ensure this, it is important to get in touch with reputed RMC suppliers via BuildSupply. Get in touch with our experts for best quotes on ready mix concrete.


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