First Impressions – Word From Our Employees

BuildSupply- First Impressions Word From Our Employees
First Impressions Word From Our Employees

We’re built to size each other up quickly. Even if we’re presented with lots of evidence to the contrary, we’re attached to our initial impressions – which is why people are aware of the impression they make. But it usually becomes a fake persona. We at BuildSupply believe that impressions should be as truthful as they seem. That’s how we build trust and eventually create a work culture suitable for everyone. A work culture which makes you want to work like never before i.e. Happily.

We understand you might need more than our word to believe. Have a look at what our current employees have to say!

  • “ I’ve joined BuildSupply recently and the culture here is different from anywhere I’ve worked before. In my line of work, we face a lot of struggles and hurdles that we come across while dealing with our customers, what I appreciate about BuildSupply is I’ve been given the freedom to make my own calls in such situations since our tasks are all result oriented. As long as I bring in the desired results, I’ve got the freedom to decide how I work. ” – Rahul Sinha (Analyst – Customer Success)

  • “ The environment feels like a family. Everyone is working closely with each other. Also given the number of people who work here, we all know each other personally which makes everyone approachable and honest with each other, which then helps with efficiency. I also like how even the CEO is approachable on a daily basis, and you get a chance to work with the best people. “ – Saikat Chatterjee (Analyst – Customer Success)

  • “ When I first visited the office, I was a little apprehensive about working here, but as soon as I met the founders of the company, there was no doubt in my mind anymore. Their vision about how they wanted to move forward with the company made me feel like a part of something big. After I joined, I felt like they are on the path to achieving that vision and overall it’s an amazing place to work with amazing people. ” – Amrita Sengupta (HR Manager)

  • “ Since my first day here at BuildSupply, I’ve been learning a lot even at this stage in my career. The exposure that BuildSupply offers is very distinctive and it is such a great source of knowledge about the industry. Also, coding can sometimes get exhausting and there’s no place better than BuildSupply to get rid of that since there are so many fun activities conducted here. It just makes up for a complete package. “ – Divya Bhateja (Lead Software Engineer)

  • “ I instantly felt the comfort of home when I started working here. You would rarely find a place that you felt comfortable within a split-second. I believe that I have made the right decision working here with the most knowledgeable people. Also, I deeply admire how they have set passion as a priority for getting hired and why shouldn’t they, this is a place for passionate people. ” – Hardik Arora (HR Executive)

  • “ I have high hopes for this company from the first day I joined. The vision of the founders is unique and authentic. They know how to drive the company towards success, and extensive knowledge of the industry and working with such personnel, I almost feel flattered if not honored. The product that we create is an example of that. It’s a very unique solution that this company offers that no one has thought of before and that is why I believe in BuildSupply. ” – Aarin Garg (User Experience Designer)

  • “ I think that the work-life balance is pretty good here for a tech developer. In many companies, that’s not really an option. What I do find interesting is the peer review system. It gives you insight on how your team members figure out problems and what their thinking process is. It also makes you realize who you are working with, which contributes to increasing coordination and efficiency.” – Nishant Hooda (Sr Software Engineer)

  • “ First off the bat, my whole experience here has made me learn a lot of things that I believe I wouldn’t have the opportunity elsewhere. You get to work on end to end development. I think that’s pretty rare to find and I often get the satisfaction of knowing how much I’ve contributed to the product. BuildSupply also offers flexible working hours, and that’s one of the perks that I like and there’s a lot more that makes BuildSupply a perfect place to work. ” – Chaitanya (Sr Software Engineer)

  • “ I like how everyone is really cooperating around here since there are no cubicles and no typical office like structure, it’s fairly easy to feel comfortable around. Usually, in companies, the technical team don’t interact with the customers or clients, whereas in BuildSupply, we are given a chance to directly understand queries from the customer. That’s why I think it’s such a great workplace. ” – Renu (Sr Software Engineer)

This is what our employees had to say about us and we’d love to extend that list with your name on it. We look forward to seeing you join our journey!
It’s a win-win for everyone. Go on, give us a call.


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