Factors Affecting Ready Mix Concrete Price

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Ready-mix concrete (RMC) is an extensively used material, owing to its easy workability, efficient and quality. It is used across a wide range of construction projects and is produced in a series of different grades offering different compressive strengths. There are several factors affecting the ready-mix concrete price, which is why these parameters are critical to analyse comprehensively.

Furthermore, the role of ready-mix concrete is a crucial one as it is a highly customized building material that is designed to meet the specific requirements of each project. Procurement managers need to find the right suppliers who can engineer the specific composition correctly.

Based on several parameters, such as manufacturer, grades/mix, quantity/quality, project location, batching processes, and scale of the requirement, the Ready mix concerete price in India will vary significantly. It is important to leverage an ready mix concrete supplier that can offer multiple brands under different grades to find the best mix within the outlined budget.

Here are the factors that affect the price of Ready-mix concrete:

Procuring the right ready-mix concrete grade
The primary per cubic meter cost of the ready-mix concrete mix will be determined by the grade that the buyer wants to buy. The price of the cement, sand, aggregate, and other materials will dictate the price of the final mixture which is why it is important to understand which grade is required. A high-strength grade, such as M50, provides immense compressive strength, at around 7250 PSI and requires greater cement consumption, thereby increasing the overall cost of the final mix.

This will also impact the price comparison model leveraged when procurement managers focus on different brands under the same grade category. While certain manufacturers may use low quality cement, others may offer premium ready-mix concrete with superior quality cement. Buyers can reach out to suppliers directly and inquire about the quality and grades, minimum order quantities, payment terms, and delivery timelines to optimize cost further.

Opting for custom ready mix concrete grades
Certain projects may require the utilization of custom-grade ready mix concrete based on the on-site conditions, workability, and compressive strength required. In this case, procurement managers can opt for a custom design mix, with a unique mixture of cement, sand, aggregates, admixture, etc. With the ready mix concrete being highly customized for the desired application, there is lesser wastage of the concrete, and better utilization overall.

Additionally, certain manufacturers may only offer custom-grade mixes for a specific minimum order quantity which would have to be factored into the budget as well.

The quantity of ready mix concrete required
The quantity of the ready mix concrete desired will directly impact the final cost of the sourced material. Based on the project requirements, scale, and number of project sites being developed, procurement managers need to specify a fixed initial quantity of ready mix concrete required. The right batching plant will have to be engaged with that can provide the necessary quantity at an effective rate

To determine the exact amount of ready-mix concrete required, buyers can calculate the square meter of the area that needs concrete and multiply the depth of the concrete required. This should provide an estimate of the ready-mix concrete required as well as the quantity that needs to be delivered to the project site along with the final cost.

Procurement managers may also need to opt for additional equipment, such as pumps and conveyors in more challenging worksites. They may have an associated cost to them and become critical to leverage when larger quantities are required at these sites.

Location of the project site
Location plays a critical role in the pricing of the ready-mix concrete acquired as it needs to be used within two hours from the time of loading as per IS 4926:2003. The further away the worksite is the higher the cost may be of the ready-mix concrete procured. The workability of the ready-mix concrete upon delivery would also need to be monitored constantly via slump and cube tests to ensure that it can be used effectively

In order to avoid unforeseen charges upon delivery, it’s important to buy from trusted ready mix concrete suppliers near your area to ensure that there is complete pricing transparency throughout the process.

Ready-mix concrete is a crucial product within the construction landscape that is used across all residential, commercial and infrastructure projects. It is impacted by several pricing factors such as grade, brand, quantity, and logistics which is why it is essential to map out all requirements earlier during the planning stage. Additionally, ready-mix concrete needs to be procured from trusted suppliers to ensure that there are no pricing inconsistencies when developing at-scale.

Procurement managers can optimise the sourcing of high-quality ready-mix concrete within outlined budgets by leveraging online construction procurement platforms. Leading building material providers, such as BuildSupply, offer a wide portfolio of ready-mix concrete brands including custom mix; enabling procurement managers to make a highly informed decision based on cost, grades, manufacturers, and benefits.



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