Custom dashboard of Construction ERPs: Get a 360 degree view of your project operations


Dashboards are very popular with the management and all busy people in general because it saves both time and effort.They provide all the information related to projects and other relevant information at one single place. And if dashboards can be customised according to the unique needs of your business, your organization can perform many times better.

Our dashboards mark the beginning of innovation in construction as they are designed to show the entire overview of the project at a single screen, saving the user’s time and effort.

We at BuildSupply offer ERPs with custom dashboards that equip users with enough flexibility to mould them in the way they want. The dashboards that you create as a user can serve as the perfect alternative to the conventional ERP systems. The most important benefit of custom dashboards is that they reflect the steady look and feel of your own business. Customized dashboards are created with full access to as many or as few databases as the user desires.

As such, they can be modified to display the overall health and outlook of your project in the most up-to-date manner possible. The main highlight of a custom dashboard is a visually-captivating and engaging work platform that ensures greater acceptance by the end-user along with pixel-perfect report generation, scheduling and bursting.Some of the major features of custom dashboards that enhance their serviceability include personalized dashboards for the CEO, CFO and other executives depending on their role in the organization.

Apart from this, custom dashboards facilitate efficient use of resources and provide end-user flexibility. Like all other regular ERP dashboards, they also come with action and notification centers. Most importantly, they give real-time output and update the users about the overall health of the project.

Our primary objective behind setting up custom dashboards is to give management and key users the capability to venture into broader views, watch key trends and connections that drive their construction projects and pioneer innovation in construction business. The design and features of our ERP’s custom dashboards come with years of specialized and business mastery.

Dashboards are a powerful way to get prompt access to high-level performance data with the flexibility to see detailed information when needed. Their data visualisation capability simplifies data sets and delivers the business performance information that you need to see, all at a glance. Custom dashboards help you in gaining a god’s-eye visibility of your project’s entire operations, have end-to-end visibility in real-time and empower your organization’s members to take smart business decisions.

We all know knowledge is power and this holds true for all businesses and the construction business more than ever. Being empowered with information related to your industry in general and your organization right at your fingertips means being able to make quick and intelligent decisions whenever you need to. Our ERP system is a valuable addition to proptech innovation which give you the power to know your project health in real-time wherever you are and custom dashboards are the starting point of the series of benefits that come with our ERP software.


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