Best AAC blocks Manufacturers in India

AAC Blocks

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks are lightweight, compact, and durable building materials leveraged extensively across construction applications. The best AAC block manufacturers in India offer high-quality AAC blocks that are designed to offer superior strength with exceptional long-term protection. Owing to their structural composition and exceptional compressive strength, they are highly preferred over traditional red clay bricks across modern construction projects.

Procurement managers should review multiple options to find the best AAC block manufacturer’s offerings, the desired benefits and dimensions. With different brands offering different features, it is critical to compare unique advantages that multiple AAC blocks present. Buyers can analyse key features such as fire resistance, eco-friendliness, on-site workability, energy efficiency, acoustic insulation, and termite/mould resistance when sourcing AAC blocks from the top manufacturers.
Here are the best AAC blocks manufacturers in India.

Aerocon Blocks
Aerocon bricks are regarded as a premier building material in India, providing numerous innovative benefits to construction firms. The AAC block manufacturer conforms to IS 2185 Part-3 standards while developing quality blocks in technically advanced facilities across Chennai, Golan, Jhajjar and Hyderabad. The AAC blocks are manufactured using fly ash, cement, lime & an aeration agent, to ensure best-in-class quality.

They offer superior insulation, boost project completion time, and are highly resistant to damage during transportation. The Birla Aerocon blocks price is also highly cost-effective for scale-driven applications.

  • Aerocon AAC blocks offer superior workability, reducing steel and cement used while lowering the foundational load of the project by up to 30%.
  • The blocks are super lightweight, being 1/3rd the density of clay bricks, while offering superior thermal & acoustic insulation.
  • The AAC blocks offer high thermal and acoustic insulation along with long-term termite/fungal protection.
  • Aerocon bricks enable construction firms to enhance development speed by 30% through their advanced manufacturing technology and capabilities.
  • The AAC blocks help reduce power consumption by close to 27%.
  • They are manufactured from recycled materials, thereby generating zero waste, while having superior fire resistance.
  • The no cavity construction eliminates the presence of termites, rodents, and fungal growth.



Siporex blocks
Siporex AAC blocks are lightweight, pre-cast building materials that are used widely in applications requiring high heat-resistance and thermal insulation. They have been extensively leveraged across high-rise structures across the country, owing to their high thermal insulation and heat resistance. A Siporex block is designed to be light weight, while providing superior sound resistance for all structures. Buyers can find a Siporex block price by opting for online portals or engaging with suppliers directly.

    • A Siporex brick is highly fire resistant and incombustible, while offering superior earthquake resistance.
    • The AAC block is highly insulating, with sound absorbency of up to 38 to 40 dB.
    • Projects are highly sustainable, as Siporex blocks are highly environmentally friendly (member of INDIAN GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL -IGBC)
    • The AAC blocks enhance the project construction speed, owing to their superior workability and consistency in design.
    • The unique design of the Siporex blocks lowers the cement cost, steel construction supervision cost, construction time, etc. allowing faster and highly cost-effective construction.

Biltech AAC BlockM
Biltech, an Avantha Group company, is one of the best AAC blocks manufacturers with superior products designed across pan-India plants through highly eco-friendly and sustainable practices. The company has a significant manufacturing capacity of 13,40,000 cum. per annum and produces AAC blocks that are fire-resistant, lightweight, and energy-efficient for all applications. The Biltech AAC block is used extensively across schools, malls, high-rise constructions, commercial complexes, etc. The Biltech AAC blocks price is also highly affordable for a wide range of construction projects.

  • The AAC blocks are 3-4 times lighter than traditional bricks (also 50% less than a standard CMU block) while being cost-effective for a wider range of construction projects.
  • The blocks can withstand close to 6 hours of direct exposure to fire up to 1600 degrees C, ensuring the safety of the occupants within the construction.
  • Designed to be noise-resistant, they offer a sound attenuation of about 42 decibels.
  • Biltech AAC blocks help reduce operating costs by 30-40% in terms of long-term maintenance of the construction project.
  • The blocks offer up to 30% in energy savings while boosting development by 20%. The blocks are easier to install and set & harden much quicker.

JK Lakshmi AAC Blocks
JK Lakshmi is one of India’s leading cement brands, having a wide distribution network across the country. The JK Lakshmi AAC blocks have been extensively used across iconic architectural landmarks worldwide, owing to their superior compressive strength, durability, and on-site workability. The AAC blocks manufacturer focuses on enhancing product quality and durability, through international technologies and protocols. The JK Smartblox AAC product is developed using advanced German technology through innovative ‘Green Separation’ and ‘Horizontal Autoclaving’ processes.

  • JK Lakshmi AAC blocks can help speed up construction by almost 3 times owing to their easy workability, superior composition, and enhanced quality.
  • The product offers best-in-class sound insulation along with enhanced fire-resistance and moisture resistance.
  • There is a significant reduction in the dead load on the structure attributed to the product’s lightweight and high-strength composition.
  • Green buildings may gain additional LEED or GRIHA rating points owing to the less consumption of water, energy and natural resources during manufacturing and transportation.


  • The AAC blocks help reduce Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) costs by 25-30% due to their superior thermal insulation

Magicrete AAC block
Magicrete is a top manufacturer of AAC blocks in India with state-of-the-art facilities and strategic plants located near thermal plants. Established in 2008, it is one of the best brands offering cost-effective and technologically driven AAC block products. The company has won numerous accolades in the real estate and construction industries while being a preferred brand for building material procurement. The manufacturer is a pioneer in the development of eco-friendly materials, promoting sustainability and durability across its portfolio. Buyers may find that a Magicrete AAC block price is well within budget, especially when developing multi-site and commercial projects.

  • Magicrete AAC blocks are high-strength products with superior strength to weight ratio.
  • The AAC blocks have one of the highest thermal ratings – R30. They are designed to reduce cooling costs by up to 30%.
  • With a fire rating of up to 4 hours, Magicrete blocks can be used to ensure the safety of occupants across residential and commercial properties.
  • The blocks have a superior sound transmission class (STC) rating of 44, providing exceptional sound insulation.
  • Magicrete AAC blocks may withstand wind loads of category 5 tropical storms with superior earthquake resistance, making them an ideal option in high-seismic activity zones.

Renacon AAC Blocks
Renacon AAC blocks are an industry-leading product designed to be cost-effective and eco-friendly, helping construction firms to develop scale-driven projects. They are used extensively across schools, hospitals, commercial projects, hotels, apartment complexes, etc. A Renacon block price is also economical for large-format projects, requiring high thermal insulation and exceptional fire resistance.

  • A Renacon block is highly fire-resistant, offering 2 to 6 hours of protection based on the thickness of the wall.
  • The AAC block provides exceptional thermal insulation, while offering sound attenuation of up to 42 dB.
  • The Renacon blocks can be easily cut, drilled, and milled to fit any requirements that may arise during construction.
  • They weigh 50% less than standard concrete blocks and are 3-4 times lighter than traditional bricks.
  • They are easy to install and help reduce construction time by 20%.

Within the AAC blocks manufacturing sphere, there are several brands that offer different features and benefits. Procurement managers should compare manufacturers, and their portfolio, to find the right option for their projects. While certain brands may offer greater compressive strength, others may provide better fire resistance, insulation, or enhanced Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning (HVAC) savings. This directly impacts the AAC blocks price offered by each manufacturer within the industry.

Procurement managers should review all manufacturers across online construction procurement platforms such as BuildSupply to find the right AAC blocks for their project. The procurement process is highly streamlined, through its wide manufacturer network and exceptional customer support. Based on the brand specifications, product details, dimensions, and payment terms, buyers can make an informed decision in a highly transparent manner when using the top construction procurement platforms.



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