Benefits of Buying Construction Materials Online

Construction Materials Online

The construction industry is witnessing rapid digitisation in terms of both project management and procurement of construction materials. More and more buyers are opting to buying construction materials online, because it offers an impressive array of benefits including but not limited to convenient supplier management, raising RFQs and transparent transactions.

Read on to know the various benefits of buying construction materials online:

  1. Wide Variety of Materials
    Offline construction materials stores usually have a limited variety of products in their stock, owing to warehousing and storage space scarcity. Some may stock cement while others may stock steel, necessitating multiple visits to the market to find everything that is needed. Online stores do not have the constraints of physical space. They can story endless categories of products, complete with information and pricing so that all requirements can be found in a single place. In addition, you can access a wide variety of materials, manufacturers and suppliers on a single platform. This arrangement offers easy and convenient price discovery, in addition to letting you compare various products. Overall, these features save much time and expedites project timelines.

  2. Quality Assurance
    The quality of unbranded materials such as sand, bricks and aggregate is difficult to determine. For this reason, many offline shops that stock poor quality materials can get away with an unscathed reputation. However, platforms selling construction materials online associate with certified suppliers, so as to safeguard their reputation. This ensures quality-tested products for the purchaser.

  3. Greater Convenience
    The convenience of purchasing construction materials online is unparalleled. Purchasers can browse the complete inventory at their fingertips. Online retailers also have efficient delivery teams that bring products and even samples to the consumers’ doorsteps. Online platforms also help streamline the construction project’s life-cycle by offering processes such as price discovery, raising RFQs, instant purchase, approvals management, order management and the like.

  4. Better Pricing and Discounts
    Since online portals source materials in bulk, directly from the manufacturer or supplier, they are able to offer handsome discounts and prices for building materials. Buyers can get 35-70% discounts depending on the quality purchased. Online websites also offer multiple payment options including NetBanking, debit/credit cards and cash on delivery. Some will also give the option of buying on credit.

  5. Transparent transactions and faster TATs
    Automation has vastly expedited the time required to issue purchase orders online, and in turn, has substantially reduced the back-and-forth between the buyer and retailers. Thus, the turnaround time to complete orders is much shorter when purchases are made online. At the same time, buyers are able to track the status of their orders in real time. Another important benefit of buying construction materials online is the transparency it ensures in the entire procurement cycle. This is because all processes are regulated through various audits and quality checks.

  6. Reverse Auction
    The reverse auction is a unique benefit of purchasing construction materials online. Once a purchase request is sent to an online retailer, the retailer then sends it to multiple suppliers. The suppliers bid competitively to secure the sale. This is called reverse auctioning. The outcome is especially favourable for the end consumer because the final costs are highly competitive. Additionally, online platforms sometimes allow further negotiations directly with the suppliers.

BuildSupply is one such reliable platform where one can purchase construction materials online. It follows stringent quality checks before on-boarding suppliers so that the customers transact only with the best building material suppliers in Delhi and other cities. BuildSupply also facilitates price comparison for various construction material suppliers to let the customer choose as per his requirements. Equipped with a convenient mobile app, BuildSupply offers live tracking of purchases and ensures that the time required for tenders and purchase order issuance is minimised. It houses all types of building materials including tiles, steel, plumbing materials, interior fit-outs, electricals, air conditioners, wooden flooring and doors, sanitary and CP fittings, ready-mix concrete, modular kitchen, solar lights and so on from the best building material suppliers in Delhi and neighbouring cities.


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