7 Best RMC Companies in India

RMC Manufacturers

The demand for large volumes of concrete as well as faster speed of construction is conducive for the development of ready-mixed concrete in India. Although captive RMC plants had been established in the country in the 1950s, they remained confined to mega project application. Thus, India missed commercial RMC technology for nearly 5 decades. The first commercial RMC facility was set up in Pune in 1992 which was followed by the establishment of many similar facilities at other locations.

The commercial RMC industry that gained traction in the 1990s has been witnessing steady growth over the past few years. The biggest demand driver of RMC in India is the government’s large-scale infrastructure and housing projects. Rapid urbanization has further paved way for the development of complex architectural structures in elevated driveways, commercial buildings, bullet trains, coastal highways, etc., fuelling the demand for high-performance concrete and the establishment of RMC plants in India.

RMC is particularly beneficial when intermittent placing of concrete or small quantities of concrete is required. In comparison to site mix concrete, RMC is an eco-friendly material as mixing is done in closed chambers that reduces noise and air pollution. It is extensively used for the construction of various development applications including commercial and residential buildings, runways, airports, energy generation facilities, ports, roads and production plants. A precise amount of sand, rock, water, cement and other components are mixed to prepare ready-mixed concrete. What makes it apt for construction sites is its consistency which is ensured by properly blending the RMC based on calculated proportions.

Best RMC Companies in India

UltraTech Ready Mix Concrete (Aditya Birla Group)
Powering some of the biggest infrastructure projects across the nation, UltraTech Concrete is India’s largest and the world’s 10th largest concrete manufacturer. UltraTech RMC is specially designed to achieve the desired properties, composition, behavior and performance. The company deploys expert quality systems to maintain consistency in terms of quality. It also offers customized high-quality concrete, depending upon the client’s requirements. RMC by UltraTech boasts of versatile properties such as high compressive strength, easy mouldability, and high durability to ensure a speedy construction. The different products offered by the company, depending on its type include:

  • Performance-based Concrete
  • Usage-based Concrete
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Green Concrete

ACC Limited
Established in 1936, ACC Limited is one of the largest producers of cement and ready-mix concrete in India. Boasting of a nation-wide presence, the company has 85 modern plants covering all the major cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. By considering environment protection as a part of its corporate objective, ACC has bagged several prizes and accolades for the adoption of eco-friendly measures at its plants and mines. Fully computerized RMC plants of ACC are well-equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment by established machinery suppliers that have modern laboratories, fully automated batching plants, transit mixers, mobile and stationary pumps that enable the discharge of concrete at high elevations and over long distances. The company ensures uninterrupted supply of premium-quality concrete via its large fleet of latest model transit mixers and concrete pumps. RMC by ACC is equipped with a wide portfolio of new value added products solutions to suit different applications, based on the client requirement. It includes:

  • ACC-Supercrete
  • ACC-Flowcrete
  • ACC-Speedcrete

Established in 1999, Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd. has six cement plants and close to sixty-five ready mix concrete plants in India. The company maintains a consistent quality of concrete mix through its automated batching plants, operated under stringent quality conditions. Its range of innovative value-added products combined with on-time delivery and superior quality makes it one of the most preferred ready-mix concrete destinations in India. The company sells its range of RMC under the brand names of Agile, Artiste, Instamix, Xlite, Robuste, Fluide, Steelibre, Polibre, Lente, Regletherme, Instante and Easyfille.

Prism RMC
A division of Prism Johnson Limited, Prism RMC is one of the leading manufacturers of ready-mix concrete in India. At present, the company operates 97 ready mix concrete plants spanning across 44 cities/towns across the country. The company has set up high standards in the realm of plant and machinery, production and quality systems and product services in the ready mix concrete industry. Its central concrete testing labs in Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurugram and Chennai have secured the coveted NABL accreditation in the field of mechanical testing of aggregates and concrete. Prism RMC covers all grades from M5 to M100. Below-mentioned are some of the special categories that the company deals into:

  • Aquaresistcrete®
  • Easycrete®
  • Elitecrete®
  • Foundationcrete®
  • FRCcrete®
  • Megacrete®
  • Xpresscrete®

RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd
A part of Truenorth since 2005, RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd is the country’s largest independent ready-mix concrete company established in 1993. The company has 41 plants spread across the country. Apart from normal concrete mixes of various grades, RDC Concrete also manufactures special concrete solutions using its world-class infrastructure and technology to ensure quality. Ready-mix concrete by RDC is designed in well-equipped labs that comply with the provisions of Indian standards. Along with concrete mixes of different grades, RDC Concrete also deals into special concretes inclusive of the following:

  • FiberCrete
  • ImpriCrete
  • LiteCrete
  • NatureCrete
  • ProCrete
  • SelfCrete
  • SelfCrete+
  • TempCrete

BuildSupply is India’s leading tech-enabled construction procurement platform that caters to a wide variety of ready mix concrete requirements, suited to general construction work. The company’s state-of-the-art plants ensure the manufacturing of high-performance, good-quality concrete. Testing and manufacturing of BuildSupply RMC is done in its fully-automated ISO 9000 : 2015 ISO and ISO 14001 certified concrete batching plants and NABL certified laboratories. Stringent quality checks are conducted before delivering the RMC to the source. BuildSupply covers all grades from M5 to M50. The company is dedicated to ensuring complete product satisfaction via cost-effective and quality concrete solutions.

Shaila is an ISO and OHSAS certified company that formulates and delivers precision RMC basis the client’s specific needs, goals and building type. Its versatile range of concrete mixes comprises of many different grades and varied compositions besides customized RMC formulations to suit all types of buildings and structures. Reliability, consistency, and perfection of the BIS standards are followed at Shaila Enterprises. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing/batching facility sets the standards for exceeding the quality and capacity requirements of the clients. Shaila RMC undergoes tough and stringent tests to ensure flawless performance and strength. It’s well-equipped plants, capacities and facilities boast of the following:

  • A large fleet of transit mixers
  • Half a dozen concrete pumps for uninterrupted operations
  • Capacity of 60 m3/hr
  • Timely delivery of premixed concrete


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