5 Types of uPVC Windows You Should Know About


Commonly used in the fenestration industry, uPVC stands for unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. This material is widely used in most contemporary homes and architecture because of its various benefits. To begin with – uPVC fixtures are very durable and sturdy. Unlike other materials, it does not rot, corrode, swell, shrink, or get infested. Also, the uPVC window’s price is very economical. It is a modern sustainable innovation that is indispensable for all modern door and window units.

Various door and window types and designs are available in the market to satisfy the needs of all buyers. Each type has a different look and functionality. In many cases, these 100% recyclable fixtures can be customized depending on the needs.

Here are a few common uPVC windows types:

Fixed uPVC Windows
As the name suggests, these uPVC windows stay fixed from all sides and  cannot be opened or closed like other windows. Rather, they are hinged from all sides and allow only natural light to enter the indoors. This uPVC windows type has a very sleek and sophisticated look that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. Mostly, these windows are installed in low-lit areas where ventilation is not necessary like a basement or garage.

Often, double-glazed fixed uPVC windows are installed to completely transform the look of the space.

Casement uPVC Windows
Most homeowners opt for casement windows as these type of uPVC windows stay hinged from one side and crank open outwards or inwards from the opposite side. Depending on the needs, they may have one or two window sash. To give a more aesthetic look, they are often customized with other types of windows. The window size allows adequate ventilation indoors when opened and offers a great view of the outdoors even when closed.

When it comes to security, uPVC casement windows come with various types of locking systems. While some may have just a basic hook, others feature push-latches and swivel-action latches. Owing to the advanced locking systems and sturdiness of the uPVC material, breaking-in for thieves or robbers is almost impossible.

French uPVC Windows
French uPVC windows are similar to casement windows. Just like the latter, a french window comes with one or two sashes. They both have a similar structure and stay hinged from one side and crank open from the other side. The only difference between these two fixtures is in their appearance. These uPVC window type have muntins that divide the glass sash into smaller panes, appearing as if the window’s sash has grid lines. This gives both the exterior and interior of the house a very enticing look.

Awning uPVC Windows
Awning uPVC windows are a little different from most uPVC window types used in homes and offices owing to their hinged mechanism. Unlike most windows, awning uPVC windows stay hinged at the top and open outwards from the bottom. These windows are especially useful during rainfall or snowfall as they act like sunshades when opened and prevent water or snow from entering while allowing smooth airflow. Not only awning uPVC windows are highly functional but very aesthetically appealing as well. They enhance the overall kerb appeal of the space. These uPVC fixtures fit easily into small places and can be installed at any place where unrestricted ventilation and lighting are required. Common places include the bathroom, basement, garage, store room, hallways, kitchen, attics, etc.

Sliding uPVC Windows
Besides casement uPVC windows, sliding uPVC windows are widely used in contemporary homes as well as offices. This uPVC window type has a sleek and slim design. Besides their appealing look, people prefer this design because it does not require any extra space even when opened. This type of window design has two or more sashes installed in a frame. Each sash is set on rollers that move along a specific track. They can be opened by moving the sashes horizontally within the frame.

This mechanism is especially useful where the homeowner does not want to comprise the available space. Also, they can be opened very easily by just flicking with just one finger. Their easy mechanism combined with the aesthetical appeal makes them one of the most common choices for restaurants, five-star hotels, offices, and many modern homes.


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