5 Essential Tips To Sell Building Materials Online


The building materials industry in India has been growing steadily, with increasing demand from real estate and infrastructure projects. As the industry is set to grow between 5-10% across categories, building material suppliers are focusing on expanding their reach to construction buyers. That is why selling building materials online is emerging as a fast, reliable, and scalable way of reaching construction buyers in a highly optimized manner.

It reduces friction within the buying process and connects buyers and sellers directly for optimal sourcing of all construction materials. Sellers also benefit from scale-driven efficiencies and can engage with a growing online construction buyer-base. Sellers can leverage the following strategies when focusing on selling building materials online.

1-Researching all material marketplaces
While building material suppliers can opt to start an ecommerce platform for their portfolio, it is more cost-effective and scale-efficient to sell on existing construction procurement platforms. Sellers can research different marketplaces to better gauge the online building material selling ecosystem.

Key parameters, such as the sales focus of various marketplaces, material categories offered, top-selling products, current client-base, and repeat customer sales, can help in finalizing the best platforms for selling building materials.

2-Technology enablement of platforms
The ideal platform leverages technology to optimise buying behaviour,  offer better payment terms, ensure quick order closure, end-to-end tracking, and friendly customer service. Key technology integrations, such as mobile apps, dedicated seller platforms, chatbots, etc. improve the procurement experience.

Building material suppliers can also review the technical features offered beyond the traditional listing and fulfilment advantages. Portals that allow catalogue customization, branding tools, RFQ management systems, order management/tracking capabilities, and key communication tools, are considered superior.

3-Gauging seller business-fit
Suppliers can find the ideal marketplace portal to process fulfilment requirements on, by understanding the business-fit with these portals. The ideal portal for a specific seller depends on their business strategy and type of portfolio.

Certain portals focus more on specific construction materials, such as steel, concrete, etc. Other portals have a stronger focus on offering discounts and optimizing low-pricing strategies. Leading portals also offer favourable credit terms to streamline the procurement process for parties. It is important for sellers to find the right portal that aligns well with their existing business strategy and goals.

4-Focusing on optimal category fulfilment
Construction material suppliers can focus on a few select portals and list products that are high in demand or enable the optimal fulfilment of a category. While some marketplaces may have dozens of brands within the TMT steel or cement space, suppliers of tiles and AAC blocks can promote their products within their lesser crowded sub-sections/categories.

Buyers that already procure construction materials from these platforms, can now browse through these sub-sections for newly added products in diverse categories. Suppliers can unlock new opportunities in these low-congestion categories and have their portfolio stand-out as buyers organically browse through these portals.

5-Opting for higher user-base portals
Key platforms within the construction material industry capture a higher number of highly targeted customers. Sellers should analyse the monthly/daily traffic driven on these platforms, as well as the relevant inquiries generated, for a more thorough analysis and listing decision.

They also provide a superior customer experience, while ensuring stringent quality checks and extensive verification of sellers on their platform. Targeting these high-value high-trust portals is the best way to maximize a seller’s inventory reach. Suppliers can seamlessly engage with buyers in a more agile way, leveraging the existing trust that buyers place within these platforms.

In conclusion
Selling building materials online is a more cost-efficient, scalable, and reliable way of reaching new customers and promoting a seller’s inventory. By leveraging key strategies within the industry, sellers can maximize the potential of their sales strategies, while also connecting with buyers in a highly structured way. BuildSupply, a top construction procurement platform, offers buyers a wide range of quality building materials while ensuring that sellers leverage best-in-class technology features to seamlessly fulfil material requirements.

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