5 Essential Factors To Consider When Buying Shower Cubicles

Buying Shower Cubicles

A shower cubicle is a luxurious enhancement of the ultimate relaxing abode in the house that is the bathroom. This aesthetically pleasing enclosure in the bathroom is exclusively purposed for a peaceful, refreshing shower. While there are many types of glamorous shower cubicles available in the market today, in wide-ranging styles and sizes, not all would fit in effectively with every bathroom design. Therefore, when searching for the perfect shower cubicle for a bathroom, picking one is not as simple as it seems.As buyers check out all the best and attractive shower cubicles, they need to consider several things before selecting the ideal one for the bathroom in consideration. Here are the five most essential factors to consider when buying shower cubicles.

  1. Bathroom configurations
  2. The size of the bathroom is going to be a key determiner of the type of shower cubicle to buy. While it is important to choose a piece that accentuates the owner’s style, it has also got to be practical. What size of cubicle will leave enough room to move around comfortably in the bathroom? To answer this accurately, we recommend using a tape measure. This would help in giving an exact estimate of the height, width and depth of the enclosure and see how well it would fit in. Due consideration should also be given to the area of the bathroom, the number of bathrooms in the house and the overall building plan.

    It is also important to look at the best location in the bathroom to position the cubicle. It must be ensured that the shower cubicle does not obstruct access to the rest of the room. There are various shapes of shower cubicles in the market like square, rectangular, curved, and quadrant enclosures. It is possible to make optimal use of the space available by choosing a shape that will make the bathroom functional and attractive.

  1. The Budget
  2. The price range of shower cubicles is quite wide, considering the variety of styles, qualities and designs they come in. Even if the price of some of the shower cubicles can be prohibitive, buyers should not feel discouraged because these enhancements have high functional and aesthetic appeal. That said, one needs to have a fair idea of the price they are willing to invest on this. Several factors influence the price, including the glass thickness, quality, design and the size of the cubicle.

  1. The Type of Glass
  2. Shower cubicles are usually supposed to be made with toughened glass. While the thickness of the glass varies, the 4mm shower enclosure is not as sturdy as the 6mm and 8mm enclosures though it is cheaper. Thicker glass is more durable and costly. Frameless shower cubicles often have greater structural integrity because they have very thick glass enclosures. Additionally, some glass cubicles are easier to clean. This is usually because the manufacturer has added features to keep the shower cubicle’s shimmery appearance intact and look new for longer.

  1. The Type of Cubicles
  2. Instead of buying the first shower cubicle that catches the eye, it is worth to be aware of the different designs in the market.  Quadrant enclosures are some of the most popular designs as they would fit in anywhere. This type of enclosures is especially preferred in small bathrooms as the sliding door helps free up more space.D-shaped shower enclosures look a lot like quadrant ones. Their flat back can be aligned against a straight wall. At the same time, its curved design and style at the front looks chic. Instead of placing them at the corner, they can be put in the middle of the bathroom with the back against the wall  . The D-shaped shower enclosure provides ample space to manoeuvre and offer flexible design for small bathrooms.

    One can also explore other options like the chic frameless sliding shower doors style or the rectangular shower enclosures if the bathroom is spacious. Square enclosures are another popular choice as they offer a mix of practicality and decorative liberty in small bathrooms.

  1. Design of Cubicles
  2. While the bathroom configuration will determine the size and style of the shower enclosure to choose, one must also remember to pick a design that can enhance the look of the bathroom. If the shower enclosure is for the master bath, then one can pick stylish, personalised, walk-in enclosure that create an ultra-modern look. If it’s going to be a shared bathroom, the shower cubicle should be able to withstand frequent opening and closing.

    In essence, shower cubicles should be purchased with due consideration to practical constraints and optimal utilisation of resources without compromising on style and attractiveness. Because, a shower cubicle, if chosen rightly, is a single enhancement that can work wonders to elevate the entire look of the bathroom. One can browse through all the finest shower cubicles available in the market today online and book at the best price with huge range of customisations.



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