4 Types of Tiles Used in Building Construction and Their Uses

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Tiles are sleek elements used to cover surfaces such as floors, roofs and walls. Today, tiles have become one of the most essential components for achieving superior interior as well as exterior construction.It not only adds strength to the surface, but also adds to its aesthetics. Mainly composed of clay or any form of fine, ground or raw materials, the tiles price may vary on the basis of their types. There are different types of tiles available in the market. Mentioned below are the types of tiles used in building construction along with their applications.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are made out of a mixture of clay along with other materials, and are fired in a kiln.  

What you need to know:

  • These are scratch-resistant & stain-resistant
  • Might crack if heavy items are dropped on it. So, it’s better used on walls instead.

Uses of Ceramic tiles:

  • Primarily used for interior floors & walls
  • Swimming pools, 
  • Kitchen backsplash  

Different types of glazed and unglazed forms of ceramic tiles:

While stoneware tiles have a large quantity of silica present in the form of sand and crushed stoneware, earthenware tiles on the other hand, are made of clay.  In order to avoid shrinkage during the fixing process, silica is added in the stoneware tiles. Moreover, Terracotta tiles are manufactured by employing high-grade fired clay. 

Porcelain Tiles

Be it the absorbing capacity or the way of manufacturing – porcelain tiles are not the same as their ceramic counterparts. Although the porcelain tiles are also made up of clay, these use heavier or denser clay. These are subjected to extremely high temperatures for a longer period of time and the baking goes on for as long as it takes for the water present in the element to get evaporated. This in turn, makes it harder and denser when compared to ceramic tiles. This is why porcelain tiles are considered to be a high-quality, premium product because when it comes to factors like durability, design or colour, it is a winner. Porcelain tiles can be used in surface areas with heavy traffic.

What you need to know:

  • These are non-porous
  • Scratch-resistant as well as stain-resistant

Uses of Ceramic tiles:

  • Outdoor flooring
  • Wall decor & wall cladding 
  • In outdoor areas

Glazed & Vitrified Ceramic Tiles

These are the most popular types of tiles being developed presently. The glazed and vitrified ceramic tiles were only used in walls in the initial stages. The body of the tiles are made with the help of special white clay being fired at a temperature of 1200 degree Celsius. The final elements we are left with after this are called biscuits. These biscuits are then glazed or decorated as per requirements and are then fired in the oven. The two types of glazes in ceramic tiles are – earthenware glazes and coloured enamels. 

Vitrified Ceramic Tiles

Made up of clay materials added with other finely ground materials, vitrified ceramic tiles are subjected to a lot higher temperature firing. When it comes to fully vitrified tiles, these are tiles whose thickness are also vitrified. These display superior resistance against abrasion. These can be employed in areas involving a heavy flow of traffic considering the fact that these tiles are popularly known to be as tough as granite. 

What you need to know:

  • Available in a variety of finishes (including anti-skid coating)
  • It has low porosity and is hence, stain-resistant
  • It is also water & frost-resistant
  • Allows quick installation

Uses of Vitrified tiles:

  • Bathroom walls
  • Indoor & outdoor flooring
  • Kitchen backsplash 

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