4 Reasons Why You Must Sell Construction Materials Online

construction material online

Construction industry is always looking for new platforms and acquisition models to optimize procurement costs across key categories. At the same time, online selling portals have also become a critical part of the industry’s technological shift, as procurement teams increasingly opt to buy construction material online.

This is empowering manufacturers and sellers of construction materials to sell their inventory on the best platforms, while providing highly detailed information about their products.

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Procurement teams are also simultaneously conducting research and reviewing building material online, while directly engaging with construction material suppliers for their next projects. This helps them gain access to a larger supplier base, thereby incentivizing them to continue leveraging the best online marketplaces in the construction domain. The ease of using these platforms, along with the comprehensive customer-support provided, further streamlines the procurement experience for both buyers and manufacturers.

Here, we can review the major benefits of online materials selling and why manufacturers must leverage digital procurement platforms.

Access to a wide customer base
Construction material manufacturers and suppliers can gain access to a wide customer base by listing their products on online marketplaces. They can also directly engage with buyers beyond traditional outreach practices and tap into greener markets digitally. Customers are also preferring to buy construction material online and regularly reorder via the same platform and supplier for future projects.

Online procurement platforms also increase the visibility gained on-ground as buyers continue to develop a relationship with sellers digitally. This offers a new line of outreach, outside of indirect mediums such as wholesalers and retailers which allows sellers to scale-up and expand into new projects through new customer sets.

Streamlining the selling experience
The biggest advantage of selling construction material online is the streamlining of the entire procurement process for all parties. Sellers can provide extensive information on their brand, products, and key features. At the same time, buyers can review multiple offerings and reach out to sellers for quotations on key products. All parties are vetted by the procurement platform to ensure complete transparency throughout the transaction.

Digital procurement portals also help shorten the procurement process, by reducing the purchase cycle. Online construction materials platforms offer better payment terms and enable sellers to list critical product and brand information in a highly comprehensive manner.

The digital nature of construction procurement platforms also enables building material suppliers to meet demand in a more agile manner. The documentation, invoicing, tracking, and delivery is mapped within the platform itself, which eliminates the need for additional software or other technologies. Also, the procurement platforms offer online tools for buyers to calculate their exact requirements, in terms of TMT bars, concrete, RMC, fittings, etc., adding greater value than traditional procurement methods.

Maintaining complete control digitally
Materials manufacturers can continue delivering high-quality products, via the leading construction materials portals, while having complete control over the entire process. From updating their inventory, to responding to requests for quotations and receiving purchase orders,  sellers gain access to a wide range of tools that can help them manage their operations seamlessly.

For sellers, this also means a reduction in management costs and administrative overheads that may be associated with traditional processes. Construction materials platforms also enable quick order closure, which helps manufacturers ship products and receive payment quickly as well. The digitization of construction materials procurement allows sellers to also enhance record-keeping and reconciliation by referencing a single digital dashboard of all orders and requests.

The leading platforms also offer cloud-based mobile solutions that enable procurement teams to have end-to-end control over processes remotely. Sellers can submit quotes, update their inventory, and track purchase orders in a highly streamlined manner, from within a dynamic mobile application in their smartphones.

Access to quality market insight
Sellers can review listings across all major marketplaces and online platforms to analyse the products currently sold across key categories. Online procurement platforms provide key preliminary market data on products being regularly purchased, as well as new product launches that materials manufacturers may be focusing on.

Materials manufacturers can obtain a plethora of data insights empowering them to promote products more efficiently throughout the demand lifecycle. By tracking order materials, categories, quantities, and delivery points, manufacturers can gain comprehensive understanding on existing and upcoming markets for their portfolio as well.

They can also leverage the information gathered towards research & development, based on their interactions with buyers via the top online platforms. As buyers increasingly prefer to order building materials online, sellers can continue gathering market insights and enhance future iterations of their material offerings.

Sellers of quality construction materials can benefit from the scale-driven advantages of working with online platforms. Online construction materials platforms enable building material manufacturers to have complete control over the selling lifecycle while empowering them to highlight features, product details, payment terms and quality information transparently.

Additionally, the leading platforms can be easily integrated with enterprise inventory management software, thereby giving comprehensive insights into buying, consumption, inter-site transfer etc. to construction firms.

Manufacturers and suppliers should also sell construction material online, as buyers are increasingly uncovering the benefits of digitizing their procurement processes. That is why the leading procurement platforms in the construction domain, including BuildSupply, are the go-to option for many of the top construction and real estate firms in India.














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