Top Tile Brands In India Worth Considering in 2021


Tiles are one of the most important construction materials, essential for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a project. The top tile brands allow for complete personalization of space, while being durable, smooth, long-lasting, and perfectly built for Indian requirements.

Key Advantages of Buying Siporex Blocks for Your Construction Project


Siporex is one of the leading manufacturers of quality AAC blocks, giving buyers a durable construction block that can handle heavy loads. A Siporex block can be used seamlessly for both load-bearing and non-load bearing walls and is produced with superior precision at roughly ±3mm tolerance.

Top Construction Chemical Manufacturers In India


Construction chemical manufacturers play a vital role in the construction industry. Whether it’s building tall skyscrapers or making basic repairs in houses and offices, an assortment of construction chemicals come into play. There are a plethora of construction chemical companies present in the market, today.

5 Essential Tips To Sell Building Materials Online


The building materials industry in India has been growing steadily, with increasing demand from real estate and infrastructure projects. As the industry is set to grow between 5-10% across categories, building material suppliers are focusing on expanding their reach to construction buyers.

5 Types of uPVC Windows You Should Know About


Commonly used in the fenestration industry, uPVC stands for unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. This material is widely used in most contemporary homes and architecture because of its various benefits. To begin with – uPVC fixtures are very durable and sturdy. Unlike other materials, it does not rot, corrode, swell, shrink, or get infested. Also, the uPVC window’s price is very economical.

What Are Construction Aggregates: All You Need To Know


Construction aggregates are highly versatile building materials that are used widely across different project types. They are leveraged for non-reinforced work, foundation works, retaining walls, preparing concrete, etc.

Points To Keep In Mind When Choosing Fiber Cement Board


A fiber cement board is a multifaceted building material that can be used for external siding, internal walls, false ceilings, and a range of other applications. Buyers should opt for quality fiber cement boards, as they are highly versatile and low maintenance by design.

Unique Counter Basin Designs To Look Out For in 2021

Santitary Ware Brands

Picking the perfect fittings, sinks, and sanitaryware make all the difference when it comes to designing a beautiful yet functional home. A well-designed home is both aesthetically superlative and ergonomically superior.

Smart E-Commerce Strategies for Building Material Suppliers

TMT Bars

E-commerce is a viable selling strategy for building material suppliers in India, with the presence of key dedicated construction procurement platforms online. It is a direct route to engaging with buyers, as well as to tap into a new customer base that can explore their product range.

5 Essential Factors To Consider When Buying Shower Cubicles

Buying Shower Cubicles

A shower cubicle is a luxurious enhancement of the ultimate relaxing abode in the house that is the bathroom. This aesthetically pleasing enclosure in the bathroom is exclusively purposed for a peaceful, refreshing shower. While there are many types of glamorous shower cubicles available in the market today, in wide-ranging styles and sizes, not all would fit in effectively with every bathroom design.