American Standard  Pristine E-bidet (w/o Deodorizer) CEAS7SL2-0000510A0
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American Standard Pristine E-bidet (w/o Deodorizer) CEAS7SL2-0000510A0

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    Key Features (from the manufacturer)

    FEMININE AIR BUBBLE SOFT CLEANSING A gentle flow of warm aerated water provides a soothing shower that’s gentle enough for a woman’s delicate areas. ANTI-BACTERIAL PROTECTION DEODORIZER The deodorizer is activated as soon as the user is seated. DRYER Temperature can be easily adjusted for comfort. Computer-memorized settings allows one to keep the same settings as the previous user’s. DUAL NOZZLES Equipped with dedicated front and rear cleansing nozzles. EASY RELEASE Easy removal for thorough cleaning. ONE-TOUCH CLEANSING Suitable for both elderly and children, one-touch cleansing activates the posterior/ feminine cleansing & dryer functions consecutively at a touch of a button. ONE-TOUCH POWER SAVER Under the power saving mode, water heating and seat heating functions will stop, while cleansing and flushing will still operate. Machine will resume to original settings after 8 hours. QUICK-DETACH SEAT COVER The design of the seat cover allows it to be easily detached for convenient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. The shower toilets and bidet seats from American Standard combine sophisticated design, technology and engineering to offer users the best in cleansing, functionality and comfort. Siphon Jet Cleans the bowl thoroughly with a powerful siphon flushing system. Plasmacluster Plasma discharges disinfect the air and eliminate bad odor completely. Foam Cushion Foamy surface on water minimizes urine backsplash and eliminates water splashing sound. Air Shield Deodorizer Air is circulated within the toilet bowl to create a powerful deodorizing effect, while acting as a shield to prevent odor from escaping into the environment.