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American Standard Aerozen Shower Toilet CEAS5312-1000402C0

Payment Terms

  • 100% advance payment along with PO
  • Logistics charges to be borne by supplier
  • Unloading the material to be the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Key Features (from the manufacturer)

    ANTI-BACTERIAL PROTECTION AUTO FLUSH Identifies the type of flush based on the time spent on the shower toilet. CIRCUIT BREAKER Power supply will automatically be cut off under unusual situations, helping to conserve energy. DRYER Temperature can be easily adjusted for comfort. Computer-memorized settings allows one to keep the same settings as the previous user’s. DUAL NOZZLES Equipped with dedicated front and rear cleansing nozzles. FEMININE AIR BUBBLE SOFT CLEANSING A gentle flow of warm aerated water provides a soothing shower that’s gentle enough for a woman’s delicate areas. HEATED SEAT Temperature can be easily adjusted for comfort. MASSAGE The spray alternates between strong and mild sprays, creating a massaging effect that indulges the user. NOZZLE SHUTTER A nozzle shutter prevents waste materials from getting to the nozzle tips, thus ensuring better hygiene. ONE-TOUCH POWER SAVER Under the power saving mode, water heating and seat heating functions will stop, while cleansing and flushing will still operate. Machine will resume to original settings after 8 hours. POSTERIOR CLEANSING Offers a strong, direct spray for a thorough cleanse. POWER SAVING Minimizes unnecessary power consumption when shower toilet is not in use. QUICK-DETACH SEAT COVER The design of the seat cover allows it to be easily detached for convenient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. REMOTE CONTROL All bidet functions can be easily operated via a handy remote control. SLOW CLOSING SEAT & COVER