American Standard 12" Round Stainless Steel Rain Shower Head FFASTS02-006500BF0
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American Standard 12" Round Stainless Steel Rain Shower Head FFASTS02-006500BF0

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  • Product Details

    Shower Head
    Stainless Steel

    Key Features (from the manufacturer)

    Bath & shower faucets coordinate beautifully with our full line of bathroom products, and can elevate your bathroom with a new sophistication and elegance for the most relaxing part of your day. Choose from a variety of styles and functions for that perfect cleansing experience.

    Our shower heads and hand showers are both decorative and highly functional – something you depend on every day. Whether you prefer a targeted jet spray, soft drizzling shower or a soothing vortex spray – American Standard has the right product for your tastes and design style. They not only look beautiful but are also water efficient. Look out for our Airnegize technology that is designed to save up to 20% more water than standard models. For those who love a complete matching set, shower kits and rain shower systems are also available for effortless cohesion.

  • Hassle-free installation provides time and cost savings.
  • ThermoComfort
  • Provides a constant and comfortable temperature.
  • Push & Turn
  • Dial adjusts water volume easily and offers daily convenience at the push of a button.
  • ThermoSafe
  • Safety temperature control up to 49°C, with an auto shut-off function when cold water supply fails.
  • EasyClick
  • An instinctive button for switching between spray modes.