Amba Shakti Fe500D TMT Bars 12 mm
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Amba Shakti Fe500D TMT Bars 12 mm

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  • Product Details

    Physically Tested
    Bar Diameter
    12 mm
    Chemically Tested

    Key Features (from the manufacturer)

    Rebars are made in grades designated as fe-500D as per IS:1786-2008 for concrete reinforcement which provides maximum earthquake resistance & greater tensile strength to your building structure. If cut and washed with acid, AMBA SHAKTI TMT would give a view of 'Three Layers', which proves its supreme merits and hence, makes construction immortal.

    Earthquake Resistance
    It is the unique combination of the TRICORE, which makes AMBA SHAKTI TMT bars perfectly suitable for seismic zones. The Tempered Martensite ring impacts strenght to the structure whereas the Martensite+Ferrite band gives the "spring" effect i.e. it tends to restore the original shape when the applied stresses are removed.

    Heat Resistance
    The microstructure formation during TMT process will not charge or distort up to a temperature of 500C 600C. Hence AMBA SHAKTI TMT bars are ideally suited for high temperature zones & fire prone areas.

    Delayed Rusting
    The unique combination of carbon & manganese maintaining the right C.E. and absence of any torsional residual stresses in the bar delays rusting. This feature gives AMBA SHAKTI TMT bars lnger life span even in coastal areas.